With the help of Zinzino Viva, sleep problems, stress and bad mood are over.

Restoring the body to a harmonious state, in a natural way.

„Since I started to use it, I’ve been feeling whole"
From Finnland
„I was very surprised by my test results”
From Finnland
„I’ll be forever grateful for this product”
„Now I know, that BalanceOil really works”

Why do you need Zinzino Viva too?

In today’s world, it is hard to imagine that all conditions in place for a perfect sleep and for a stress-free life.

If our daily lives, situations, diet, mood are uneven, our brains cannot function optimally.

Thus, our natural ability to relax and sleep gradually deteriorates. There are medications that try to influence this. But they tend to affect the symptoms (if they do), not to mention their side effects.

The substances in saffron, which is the raw material of Viva, are able to restore this organizational function.

This is perfect for two things. If you want a balanced, restful sleep. And if you want your days to be filled in physical and mental harmony, in a good mood.


The sedatives and relaxant from pharmacies can have serious side effects and besides that they are addictive. They can temporarily alleviate the symptoms but it is not sure that they cure these disorders permanently. Their side effects can cause problems in other areas as well. And if you stop using them, it can have long-lasting, strong after effects.

Viva contains only natural ingredients. Therefore, there is no wonder that clinical trials – with using the necessary dose- show no sign of side effects.

Moreover, it is beneficial for reducing the side effects of the antidepressants used.

How does Zinzino Viva help your body?

VIVA contains the exact amount of nutrients
that your body needs.

While other multivitamins make your urine yellow – it means the vitamins were not absorbed completely –that is not the case with VIVA because its utilization is 100%.

Zinzino Viva is a great solution if you want to treat depression naturally.

What are the biggest advantages of Zinzino Viva?

Viva effectively improves mood, relieves anxiety and stress. Reduces the feeling of tiredness and exhaustion.

It supports the function of the central nervous system, cognitive functions, and mental performance.

It makes it easier to concentrate, learn, think and have a good memory.

What does VIVA contain?

Saffron extract– has a positive effect on the mood, promotes the phyisical- mental- emotional balance. It strenghtens mental functions, works with emotional and cognitive disorders, supports brain function and blood circulation. It reduces inflammation and relives anxiety.

Vitamin C– helps maintain normal psychological functions and helps reduce tiredness and fatigue.

Vitamin B3 (niacin) – contributes to the normal functioning of the nervous system, the maintenance of normal mental function and the reduction of tiredness and exhaustion.

Vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid) – contributes to the normal mental performance and reduces tiredness and fatigue

Vitamin B12 – contributes in maintaining the normal psyhological function, the normal function of the nervous ysytem and reduces tiredness and fatigue.

Biotin – contributes in maintaining the normal psyhological function, the normal function of the nervous ysytem

Folic acid – helps reduce tiredness and fatigue.

Folate – contributes in maintaining the normal psyhological function


Iodine – helps maintain normal mental function and normal nervous system function

Potassium – plays an important role in maintaining normal brain function

Customer Reviews

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Frequently asked questions about ordering

Zinzino is a foreign webshop so here is a guide to help you with ordering from its webshop.

On a daily basis two pills at any time with food. In special individual cases, it can be more.

Although the active substances start their work immidaitley in your body, it takes some time for them to take effect. A positive change can be noticed even within a few days but the actual effect occurs after 2-3-4 weeks.

In order to achieve balance at the cellural level, the product must be consumed for at least six months. So, to save money, become a regular customer and subscribe to the six months supply package. This way, you kill two birds with one stone: you have the oil for a half year and discounts come with that.

This method is not a symptomatic treatment but it is aimed at eliminating the causes, therefore, it is necessary to use it for six months. It takes that time to get enough amount of oil into your body so it can trigger a permanent change.

Choose the product from the Zinzino’s webshop and order it.

Credit card and advance payment via bank transfer are available payment options.

As a regular customer, the price will be taken from your bank account every 30 days.

It can go on after the six months until you deciede to cancel your subscription.

The products will be delivered from Sweden every two months in order to pay as much of delievery costs as it would be delievered from Hungary.

The amount of the delievered products at a time is sufficient for a bit more than two montsh, so if something intervenes, the process of your health promotion won’t stop.

With the subscription, you get a „regular customer”status, an own web office. You can handle your customers on your own at any time, you can add new customers and you can buy Zinzino products at discounted prices.

You don’t have to subscribe but with the subscription you are able to buy products at reduced prices.

If you subscribe, the BalanceOil monthly supply will cost 29EUR instead of 47EUR.

The subscription system guarantees that the product is always delivered on time, so it won’t be needed to handle your order unnecessarily. This ensures maximal convenience for the subscriber.

An additional advantage of this subscription system is that -based on experiences- people stop using vitamins and dietary supplements after 1-2 months but the effects of these products can only be noticed after 3-6 months. This subscription system helps you to comply with the instructions and to take the vitamins the appropiate period in order to achive the desired effect.

You can cancel your subscription at any time.

If you cancel your subscription before the first six months, it costs 50 EUR for you. And the reason for that, is because Zinzino would like to egg you on to use its product for at least six montsh so you can feel the benefits of it.

Of course, after 6 months the cancellation of your subscription is free.

You can use internationally accepted MasterCard and Visa and any types of foreign cards and applications (Revolut, ApplePay)

You can also pay in advance via bank transfer.

The money will be taken from your account 30 days after the first purchase. Monthly. Until you decide to cancel your subscription.

Using the products for a month makes no sense. Zinzino guaraneetes that your balance will be restored at the cellural level but in order to make it possible, you have to use it for at least 6 months. Zinziono has a regular customer programme, so if you subscribe and buy the product for 6 months, you will get it much cheaper than if you would buy the one month supply of it.

If you are having trouble ordering, click on the chat panel at the right side of the page and let us know! One of our expert colleagues will help you and guide you through ordering.

It costs 7 EUR.  But the price will be taken from your bank account monthly and the items will be delievered every two months so the cost of transportation from Sweden is 3,5 EUR monthly.

The products will be delievered from Sweden by GLS parcel service. You will recieve an SMS notification from GLS before your product arrives.

Buy the products in the official webshop of Zinzino!

Important! If you choose the product you would like to purchase and you click on its icon, it will be shown on the official webshop of Zinzino.

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