Zinzino oil- what is it, why is it good, how to use it

Zinzino Balance oil is one of the most effective anti-inflammatory or pro-inflamamtory agents. From the point of view of body function, it contains such important substances from natural sources that are difficult or imposssible to obtain.

This article is goint to answer the following questions:

What is Zinzino oil?

What is so important in Balance oil?

Why are polyphenol and olive oil so beneficial?

The Omega-3 and Zinzino oil

Where does it come from?

Why should you use it?

Zinzino Balance oil components – What ingredients does it contain?

What are the adventages of it?

Dosage of Zinzino Balance oil

What versisons are available?

Is Zinzino Balance oil safe and reliable?

How should I store it?

What is Zinzino oil?

In short: fish oils and omega-3 fatty acids A balanced mixture of polyphenol-rich olive oil helps to ensure that you have enough omega-3 fatty acids in your body – omega 3-6 also prevents inflammation.

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Why is fish oil so important?

We have known for a long time that among Eskimos – they eat a lot of seal fat, fish oil and other meat- cardiovascular diseases and cacner are very rare. This is mostly thanks to omega-3 fatty acids.

On other parts of the world, the inhabitants of the developed countries try to supplement it with purified fish oil capsules.

Only few people know that those omega-3 fatty acids that are found in nature, contain such components that protect against oxidation.

In fish oil capsules, however, these are missing. In the traditional industrial production of fish oil, these components are removed, and thus they also reduce the anti-inflammatory effects. In fact, purified fish oil tends to increase the possibilty of oxidation and inflammation.

This could be compensated for by taking sufficient antioxidants. However, the latter is less related to those who look for fish oil (omega-3). Those who do not consume fish oil but oil-rich fish they have the necessary components, so it helps them a lot.

The problem with it is that today’s fish don’t have the same health benefical effects beacuse of industry pollution. Moreover, they may even contain harmful substances. Vitamin E used for fish oil capsules is used to protect the oil capsule itself but it has no further effect after consumption.

Why are polyphenol and olive oil beneficial?

Polyphenol is an antioxidant that is not only protects against oxidation, but also has an anti-inflammatory effect on the inner surface of the blood vessels and other inner tissue surfaces. Substances in olive oil protect cholesterol from oxidation, but they are also good for preventing the onset of inflammatory processes. The polyphenols prevent the formation of intestinal and gastrointestinal diseases. The bioavailability of the polyphenols in olive oil is excellent. With the blood flow, they can easily reach all parts of the body, and they can prevent the development of several diseases

The polyphenols in olive oil prevent the growth of cancer cells and stop the growth of the tumor. They prevent stomach ulcers and protect the liver and also the joints. The combination of omega-3 with suitable polyphones is particularly effective as prevention against inflammation in the brain.

Olive oil and omega-3 together have a very positive effect on the heart and against inflammatory processes on the heart. The combination of the polyphenols and fish oil is uniquely effective in inhibiting inflammation throughout the body.

Omega-3 and Zinzino oil

Omega-3 is a group of unsaturated fatty acids that play an important role in maintaining health and reducing inflammation. The amount is just as important as the appropriate ratio of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids.

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The Zinzino balance oil helps to take in the correct amount of omega-3 into the body.

Can I get Omega-3 from other sources?

Yes. From vegetable oils and fatty fish.

However, these should be included in a sufficient ammount. This is difficult or not possible at all.

Where does it come from?

Fish from the North Sea (mackerel, sardines, anchovies). There is also a vegan version that consists of marine microalgae.

Why should you use it?

The ratio of omega 3 to omega 6 should be excellent in your body. This ensures that no inflammation can occur. A lot of omega-6 can be introduced to the body from food, but only a small amount of omega-3. The ideal amount would be around 1800 mg. To achieve this amount, several kilos of fresh sea fish would have to be eaten each week, and it also matters what kind of fish.

Zinzino Balance oil components – What kind of substances does Zinzino Balance oil contain?

First, it contains high quality fish oil, which is rich in EPA and DHA fatty acids, and also DPA and Omega-7, which can only be found in fish of the North Sea.

It is rich in cold-pressed and specially selected polyphenol, extra virgin olive oil, and mixed tocopherols (antioxidants), vitamin D3. Aromas and flavors: lemon, mint, vanilla, orange.

What are the advantages of Zinzino balance

It is able to optimize the ratio of Omega-3-6 in less than 120 days.

Thanks to the perfect harmony of fish and olive oil, omega-3and polyphenols are introduced in a sufficient amount.

Olive oil used in Balance oil contains more than 350 mg polyphenols per kilogram. These are powerful antioxidants that protect the quality of the oil and the balance of the human body. Vitamin D3 makes an effective contribution to the body’s ability to function well. The oil optimizes and maintains the levels of EPA and DHA.

It significantly promotes the normal functioning of the brain.

Dosage of Zinzino Balance oil – how to use it?

0.15 ml per kilogram of body weight

for a 50 kg body weight 7.5 ml

for a 60 kg body weight 9 ml

for a 70 kg body weight 10.5 ml

for an 80 kg body weight 12 ml

for a 90 kg body weight 13.5 ml

for a 100 kg body weight 15 ml.

What versions of Zinzino Balance oil are available?

„Basic” Balance oil with vanila, lemon or orange flavors.

Capsules made up of soft gelatin which are easy to swallow.

Vegan version, which contains an extract from microalgae instead of fish oil, also contatins polyphenols extracted from olive oil and echium seed oil.

It effectively protects the cells from oxidation.

A water-soluble formula is also available if you don’t like the consistency and the taste of fish oil.

Is Zinzino Balance oil safe and reliable?

The oil is extracted from the whole, unprocessed fish that go through a refining process in which the various contaminants are removed. These oils do not contain any heavy metal or toxins.

The manufacturer fully meets all requirements for food, medication and products.

In particular, it complies with the strict regulations regarding EPA and DHA.

How should I store it?

At room temperature or refrigerated but always in a dry place, where it is not exposed to direct light. Once it was opened, it should be stored in refrigerator and should preferably be consumed within 45 days,

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