Natural solution for digestive and metabolic problems.

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Why do you need Zinobiotic too?

Many diseases of our time –digestive problems, allergies, autoimmune diseases, cancer, food intolreance and psychological problems (such as depression) – are found to be correlated with the inadequate (quantity or quality) fiber intake and the increasing rate of bad enteric bacteria.

In 2014, the researchers were able to attest the direct connection between brain and gut flora. It means that in order to regain your normal health or to maintain your normal health, it is needed to provide a sufficient quantity and quality of fiber and thus achieve an increased number of good (beneficial) enteric bacteria while elimanating the bad enteric bacterica. 

ZinoBiotic puts it into effect. It contains the necessary fibre in the sufficient quantities and promotes the growth of good bacteria.

Thereby it not only brings about an excellent condition of the digestive sysytem, buti t also has a positive effect on the immune sysytem and on general health status.

Why is ZinoBiotic better than similar products?

While other products only contain a few dietery fiber, ZinoBiotic contains 5 different types of soluble dietery fiber.

The fiber in ZinoBiotic contributes to the feeling of fullness of the stomach (it is particularly advantageous when it comes to diet, slimming diet, avoiding excessive food intake) and it reduces bloating. 

ZinoBitoic contains exactly as much fiber as your body needs at a time. No more, no less.

ZinoBiotic is not probiotic but prebiotic. This means that we do not ingest the good bacteria from an external source because, according to the latest research results, only a small amount of bad gut flora can have a postive effect. Instead, we are introducing a complex nutrient that covers the entire gut flora and provides food for the good bacteria that are currently in a good phase. The healthy gut flora is only secured for a long time that way because our current food does not contain the sufficient quality of natural fiber. 



What are the unique benefits of ZinoBiotic?

  • It promotes a healthy gut flora and its maintenance, so that a healthy digestive process and an ideal bowel movement is promoted.
  • With the growth of good bacteria, it prevents the creation of the above-mentioned diseases, has a positive effect on the general condition, on resistance and on condition.
  • It helps improve irregular bowel movements, regulates blood sugar and cholesterol levels, and prevents swelling.

When it is very important to use it?

If you were not born naturally (e.g. by caesarean section), your body has not received the necessary bacteria that protect the body against certain diseases. This makes it easier for you to become infected with lifestyle diseases such as infections, allergies and gastrointestinal inflammation.

If you often received antibiotic treatment in your childhood, these treatments severely impair the perfomance of the organs because they change the balance of the bacteria and they destroy the good gut bacteria and probiotics. They also increase the virulence of viruses and bacteria. 

If your immune system is not perfect

The 70-80% of your immune system is located around the gastrointestinal tract, in the gastrointestinal wall. The bacteria that enter here first, these will be the ones that will train our immune cells to defend properly. If something is wrong here, the immune system won’t be able to fully perform its tasks.


If you are struggling with menthal health problems or mood swings

The gastrointestinal tract is connected to the brain. Researsches have shown that there is correlation between the ratio of gut bacteria and the mental status.

If you have allergies or food intolerance

These two occur and become more intense due to the spread of bad gut bacteria.


What are the other advantages of ZinoBiotic?

  • The digestion resistant starch in ZinoBiotic will help prevent a sudden increase in blood sugar after meals.
  • Oat beta glucan- which is a component of fiber- has a scientificially proven role in keeping the cholesterol level within the healthy range.
  • The 5 different types of dietary fiber ensure that the bowel movements are regular and balanced without constipation and too fast metabolism.
  • It serves as fuel for the growth of good bacteria and enables the undesired bacteria to be displaced.
  • It reduces the feeling of hunger and therefore, it is useful for weight loss, diet and also for bad eating habits (such as overeating)
  • It has a positive effect on mood, stamina and general health.
  • It promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria and thus promotes and cleanses the health of the colon. It also promotes the balance of microbiomes (the collection of microorganisms living in the human body).

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What kind of components does ZinoBiotic contain?

ZinoBiotic contains 5 dietary fibre:

Starch from whole grain (resistant to digestion) 

Oat beta-glucan

Inulin from chicory root

Fructooligosaccharides from chicory root and psyllium seed

Außerdem Bauschen und natürliche Süßungsmittel.

+ 1 reason why Zinobiotic is incredible

Immune protection at master level. One of the best solutions is beta glucan.

Customer reviews

You can read the reviews found here and many more positive reviews and stories on the Zinzino official website

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Frequently asked questions about ordering

Zinzino is a foreign webshop so here is a guide to help you with ordering from its webshop.

In normal circumstances, two pills a day with food at any time during the day.


In individual cases, it can be more.

Understand what is happening to you and why

In our health magazine, we constantly report on the latest results in the science of applied nutrition. A revolution is taking place in medicine.

We are in the swim and will keep you in the swim.

This test shows your exact condition regarding the fatty acids ratio. You will recieve a multipage analysis of your test results which includes detalied information on how suitable your current diet is to prevent inflammation and maintain your health status.

You will also get suggestions on what you should do to make it better.  

The test will let you know how beneficial the use of BalanceOil was for you. According to the previous tests, 95% of the consumers reached or was near the ideal omega6-3 balance after 4 months based on the initial ratio.

That is why it will be needed to do another test at least after 4 months. This is how much time the process takes to start the work at cellural level.   

In order to achieve balance at the cellural level, the product must be consumed for at least six months. So, to save money, become a regular customer and subscribe to the six months supply package. This way, you kill two birds with one stone: you have the oil for a half year and discounts come with that.

This method is not a symptomatic treatment but it is aimed at eliminating the causes, therefore, it is necessary to use it for six months. It takes that time to get enough amount of oil into your body so it can trigger a permanent change.

Choose the product from the Zinzino’s webshop and order it.

Credit card and advance payment via bank transfer are available payment options.

As a regular customer, the price will be taken from your bank account every 30 days. 

It can go on after the six months until you deciede to cancel your subscription.

The products will be delivered from Sweden every two months in order to pay as much of delievery costs as it would be delievered from Hungary. 

The amount of the delievered products at a time is sufficient for a bit more than two montsh, so if something intervenes, the process of your health promotion won’t stop. 

With the subscription, you get a „regular customer”status, an own web office. You can handle your customers on your own at any time, you can add new customers and you can buy Zinzino products at discounted prices.

You don’t have to subscribe but with the subscription you are able to buy products at reduced prices.

If you subscribe, the BalanceOil monthly supply will cost 29EUR instead of 47EUR.

The subscription system guarantees that the product is always delivered on time, so it won’t be needed to handle your order unnecessarily. This ensures maximal convenience for the subscriber.

An additional advantage of this subscription system is that -based on experiences- people stop using vitamins and dietary supplements after 1-2 months but the effects of these products can only be noticed after 3-6 months. This subscription system helps you to comply with the instructions and to take the vitamins the appropiate period in order to achive the desired effect.

You can cancel your subscription at any time. 

If you cancel your subscription before the first six months, it costs 50 EUR for you. And the reason for that, is because Zinzino would like to egg you on to use its product for at least six montsh so you can feel the benefits of it. 

Of course, after 6 months the cancellation of your subscription is free. 

You can use internationally accepted MasterCard and Visa and any types of foreign cards and applications (Revolut, ApplePay)

You can also pay in advance via bank transfer.

The money will be taken from your account 30 days after the first purchase. Monthly. Until you decide to cancel your subscription. 

Using the products for a month makes no sense. Zinzino guaraneetes that your balance will be restored at the cellural level but in order to make it possible, you have to use it for at least 6 months. Zinziono has a regular customer programme, so if you subscribe and buy the product for 6 months, you will get it much cheaper than if you would buy the one month supply of it.

If you are having trouble ordering, click on the chat panel at the right side of the page and let us know! One of our expert colleagues will help you and guide you through ordering.

It costs 7 EUR.  But the price will be taken from your bank account monthly and the items will be delievered every two months so the cost of transportation from Sweden is 3,5 EUR monthly.

The products will be delievered from Sweden by GLS parcel service. You will recieve an SMS notification from GLS before your product arrives.