Anti-inflammatory diet, foods, cooking and nutrition

The anti-inflammatory diet, foods and nutrition are just a part of reducing, getting rid of or preventing inflammation but it is the easiest one to pay attention to

We have already discussed the reasons and emotional reasons, so now we are going to look at it from a nutrutional point of view.

According to recent studies foods that relieve inflammation and have antioxidant effects are the most beneficial.

Foods and foodstuffs that cause inflammation

Many canned, processed foods, fast foods, low-fiber foods and foods with lots of refined carbohydrates contribute to inflammation. But foods fried in breadcrumbs or breaded and fried in oil are also not beneficial.

Types of sugar and sweeteners

Generally the refined sugar. The white refined sugars damage the activity of the immune system. But it is typical of any sugar with a high glycemic index. Sweeteners (except the completely natural ones), sweet drinks and all kinds of sweetened foods, especially sweets/candies.


The human body needs a certain amount of salt, but the majority of the unnatural and raw foods contain more than necessary. Any kind of salted food or luxury foods, salted kernels and other salted products.


Most of the meat, especially red meat, has an inflammatory effect. Avoid pork, chicken or beef from factory farming and the meat products made from them, as well as marinated meat.

Farmed fish that only contain omega-3 fatty acids if they have been fed with feed fish. Fish fried in oil, fish fingers.


Trans fats, hydrogenated (partially hardened) oils, certain vegetable and palm oils, e.g. Sunflower oil, margarine. Trans fats are produced during the processing of food, so they are not natural. Animal fats can also be problematic, especially due to arachidonic acid, which is inflammatory.


Food, bread and baked goods made from refined flour, sweetened cereals, pasta, cornflakes. Cereals containing gluten (wheat, barley, rye) have an inflammatory effect.

Dairy products

Milk and the majority of dairy products should be avoided because they promote viral and bacterial inflammation.


Alcoholic beverages and soft drinks/soda.


Potatoes, corn and the products made from them.

Smoked and / or marinated foods, foods cooked at high temperature, grilled or fried in oil should also be avoided.

Less harmful foods

These foods are not necessarily healthy either, but they are not that harmful as the previous ones.

Game and any natural meat (lamb, chicken, beef, etc…)

From the flour products, in wholegrain oat and wholegrain rye, low-sugar muesli, porridge, cereal bran.

From the dairy products: real cheese, especially the blue and the green, not sweetened yogurt.

From the liquids: coffee, red wine (in moderation), diluted fruit juices. Coffee can contain AGE compounds (see below), but also anti-inflammatory polyphenols.

Better or anti-inflammatory foods

The foods below contain the components that help the body fight inflammation. Regular consumption of these foods not only decreases but also helps prevent inflammation.

From fats: olive oil, coconut fat (oil), rapeseed oil and the foods that contain omega-3 fatty acids (see the article „The omega-3 truth”)

Wild fish: sardine, salmon, herring, trout, tuna, mackerel, mussels (shellfish) craps

All types of fruits especially the red/black/purple fruits, berry fruits such as strawberry, raspberry, blackberry, bluebarry, black currant, elderberry; citrus, plums, grapes, cherry

Vegetable: especially cruciferous vegetables, leaf vegetables, salad plants, e.g. broccoli, chard, spinach, zucchini, cabbage, kale, garden cress, onion, Brussels sprouts, Brassica oleracea (wild cabbage), carrots, sweet potato, garlic, bell pepper, celery, asparagus.

Tomato is a good anti-inflammatory because of its lycopene ingredient, the hot pepper is also a good anti-inflammatory because of its capsaicin ingredient.

Legumes: lentil, bean, pea, tofu (from soybeans), dhal (from lentils), hummus (from chick peas)

Spices: turmeric, garlic, black pepper, ginger, cayenne pepper, oregano, chili, curry powder, basil, thyme, cinnamon, rosemary, nutmeg.

Turmeric is mainly anti-inflammatory because of the curcumin contained in the plant. Ginger for kaempferol, which blocks the formation of several inflammatory enzymes.

Of the sweeteners and sweeteners: dark chocolate, this is also a good source of polyphenols, and the natural sweeteners such as Stevia.

From the liquids pure spring water, still mineral water, vegetable drinks, green tea, lye water, vegetable juice.

Kelp, linseed oil, olive oil, hemp seed oil, buckwheat, chia seeds, sea buckthorn.

Of the nutrients, vitamins and minerals: especially fiber, flavonoids, beta-carotene, vitamin D, vitamin C, magnesium, vitamin A, vitamin E, zinc, selenium, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin B6, vitamin B3, folic acid.

Most of the medicinal herbs, e.g. Mint, Sage, Shiny Lacquered Porcelain, Boswellia, Nettles, Common Shepherd’s Purse, Fennel, Chamomile.

How should we prepare our food?

Use gentle cooking methods (simmering) instead of high temperature methods (grilled, fried in oil). Vegetables are better to be steamed. Instead of vegetable oils with polyunsaturated omega-6 fatty acids, monounsaturated olive oil or saturated fatty acid is recommended.

When protein-containing foods are cooked at high temperatures, the protein binds to glucose or to other sugars and produces AGE, advanced glycation end-products. These chemical compounds are inflammatory and at the same time support the aging process.

By heating fats and oils, ALE’s, i.e. lipid peroxidation end products, are produced that are also inflammatory. Many instant meals and nutriment can contain such compounds for example baby foods and milk powder. But also meat fried and grilled, marinated meat and smoked food.

If starchy foods are cooked at very high temperatures, acrylamide, a well-known AGE compound, is produced. Cooking at lower temperatures can already greatly reduce the amount of these resulting compounds. Cooking in water or steam is better. The mixed cooking mode is more beneficial due to the shorter cooking time.

Food with a high AGE and ALE content: meat fried or crusted, fried and grilled meat, smoked and marinated meat, French fries, chips, margarine, fried egg, cream cheese, mayonnaise. Generally, those foods that are produced quickly and at high temperatures in an industrial environment. In general, for example, the Mediterranean cuisine is better in this regard due to the use of olive oil and lots of vegetables and fruits.


Modern foods and diets with many artificial ingredients contain many inflammatory substances. In the past, people used to consume a lot more original food. For this reason, it is advisable to consume as many natural foods as possible and to choose a diet that contains all substances that are important for the body.

A varied diet is the best against inflammation, with vegetables, fruits and foods with a high omega-3 content playing the most important role. The more fruits and vegetables in different colors we eat, the better. Fruits are beneficial too because of their protective nutrients such as carotenoids, xanthophylls and polyphenols.

Cereals and oilseeds can be a good source of vitamin E and polyphenols. Plant-based foods are also very beneficial because of their prebiotic fibers, which have an anti-cancer effect, among other things. In case,  the diet contains enough omega-3, the right amount of anti-inflammatory hormone will be produced.

It also matters how we prepare our food. Food that has browned when the temperature is too high, is a sign that many AGE compunds have been produced.

Against acidification – restoring the acid-base balance

The only solution against acidification is to restore the acid-base balance. Nowadays, -especially due to the vast amount of processed and artificial foods- almost everybody is impacted by the acidification of the body more or less. This problem is needed to be handled. Otherwise, it can lead to serious diseases.

Inflammation and the acidification of the body are behind most of the diseases. The acid-base balance can be restored through proper lifestyle, nutrition and physical and mental harmony.

There have been written too much information about acidification which can be confusing. In this article, we are going to make this subject clear.

The article describes acidification, its physical, lifestlye and emotional causes. We are going to talk about the (good) pH value, the habits that lead to it, and what illnesses are caused by the acidification of the body. We’ll show you which foods should be avoided and which to be looked for,  which lifestyle and which psychological factors lead to alkalinization of the body and to maintaining the acid-base balance of the body.

What is acidification?

A shift in the acid-base balance of the body in an acidic direction. Living a lifestyle that disrupts the body’s acid-base balance towards acid has negative consequences for your health. When the body is overacidified, microorganisms multiply excessively.

The excess acids in the body begin to decompose the tissues and cells that make up organs. Many acids remove oxygen from the blood, disturb the acid-base balance, slow down the metabolism and can lead to the appearance of various fungi through the fermentation of food.

The consumption of food consumed is reduced and waste products are produced because the body is slowed down or does not receive the necessary substances and cannot create the conditions necessary for its normal functioning. If processing is prevented, the body becomes more acidic.

Acids are aqueous solutions that can release hydrogen ions. When they are mixed with bases, a chemical process is initiated that neutralizes both. They are often not acidic at all in terms of taste (e.g. sugar, sweets), but some acidic foods (e.g. lemons) can be basic.

Acidification and constipation weaken the normal functioning of the immune system to a high degree and make us much more susceptible to infections. Of course, it also has to do with fear, overwork and a lot of unresolved stress.


The stomach produces both acid and base. Chlorine and hydrogen are combined with table salt, carbon dioxide and water to form hydrochloric acid. Nitrogen, carbon, sodium and oxygen produce sodium bicarbonate. This means that the stomach produces both hydrochloric acid and sodium bicarbonate, which are distributed through the blood in the body.

However, if the base intake (alkaline food) is not sufficient, the stomach will generate the bases needed by breaking down more salts. However, more stomach acid is produced, which leads to an uncomfortable burning sensation. Meals reduce this, but they produce more stomach acid again, which can worsen the situation until we restore the right balance with proper nutrition.

Various antacids can reduce acid production, but also base production, so they don’t solve anything. The solution is not to inhibit acid production, but to restore balance, especially since the accumulation of acid in the esophagus can occur and cause problems in other parts of the body.

What is the normal pH value?

The pH value shows the measure of the concentration of hydrogen ions in a solution and refers to the number of protons and electrons. With a value of 7, the negative and positive charges are in balance. Acids are negatively charged, bases are positive.

The normal blood pH is between 7.35 and 7.40. In other parts of the body, the value varies, for example in the stomach, where the acid is required for digesting food, between 1.35 and 3.5, but in the saliva between 6 and 7.

The body strives to maintain a good pH, and for this it finds various solutions. It can build up fat reserves or extract calcium from the bones or extract magnesium from the muscles or heart. This prevents acid damage, but also jeopardizes the healthy functioning of these organs.

Causes of acidification

There are 3 main causes of acidification of the human body.

1. Excessively acidic food intake

2. Bad lifestyle and bad eating habits

3. Psychological factors

Acidic food intake

Unfortunately, the products of modern civilization kitchens (mostly artificial and processed) are largely acidic, which acidifies the body better than natural foods. Many foods and luxury foods made from white flour or that contain sugar contribute greatly to the acidification of the body. The main sources of acidic foods:

1. Sweets

2. Delicacies (coffee, salty snacks, etc.)

3. Products made from white flour

4. Saturated fatty acids, preserved foods

5. Carbonated drinks, sweetened soft drinks, carbonated mineral water

6. Alcohol

7. Meat

8. Other artificial products, e.g. drugs

9. Environmental toxins (such as exterminators or electrical radiation)

Bad lifestyle and bad eating habits

This is mainly due to the time factor. Modern man has almost no time, often hurries, rarely and quickly eats or eats everything together. Food that is consumed too quickly, as well as immediate work and a lack of fluid intake, affect the digestive system and promote acidification. Breathing also plays a role. Unbalanced, irregular, superficial, and uncontrolled breathing adversely affects the body and can also promote acidification.

Psychological factors

Almost everyone knows that regular excitement, tension, worry cause heartburn. But general thinking and lifestyle can also tend to acidify. Those who don’t learn to relax and are constantly on the job, doing their jobs or doing other activities have a lot of acidity in their bodies.

But the overly fiery temperament when you get upset about the smallest detail, get angry, nervous, also lead to acidification. A lot of anger, accumulated psychic poison and suppressed emotions can contribute to acidification. Coincidentally, these people usually use acidic foods or stimulants to calm down.

Emotional causes of acidification

Usually, processing a situation that we reject continues to work in our subconscious, which is manifested in acidification at the organs level. Different events, difficulties, problems or even conflicts in life can lead to bitterness.

If you swallow your anger down, your anger turns into stomach acid. Since acidification affects blood, it also means the deeper experience of sorrow and distress because blood is the carrier of joy. If he does not manage to process these aggressions sensibly, then his aggression somatizes, his acidity manifests itself in stomach acid.

What can be caused by excessive acidification?

• various disorders of the gut flora

• external and internal fungal infections

• fermentation in the small intestine, putrefaction in the large intestine, flatulence

• excessive build-up of acid can cause some organs and glands to become corrosive, which can lead to malfunction

• digestive problems; Constipation, diarrhea

• the body removes minerals (e.g. from the bones) that can cause further problems

• hair loss, osteoporosis, premature aging

• many diseases that are easy to avoid with the acid-base balance

• sensitivity to cold, weak immune system, increase in colds

• weight change, fatigue after eating

• circulatory disorders, slower wound healing

• erythrocytes lose their elasticity and block the capillaries, which can lead to thrombosis and heart attack

• depression, irritability, tension, reduction of resilience

• reduced performance, early tiredness, poor sleep

• learning and memory disorders, loss of focus

What can you do against acidification?

Daily nutrition in the developed western world contains so much acid-forming food at the expense of alkalis that it is imperative to consciously decide what and how much to consume. Our body works well when it is slightly alkaline. Acidification is only restored with the help of nature and not with medication and is usually possible over a longer period of time, not from one day to the next.

Use sugar and salt in moderation and generally handle processed foods with care! It also doesn’t matter whether a food is acidic or acid-forming, alkaline or alkalizing. Many sour fruits and vegetables such as lemon, orange and cucumber have a good alkalizing effect.

Most dairy products can lead to acidification, especially those that contain lactose, which is broken down into lactic acid. This can lead to inflammation of the bones, muscles and joints.

Unfortunately, the eggs are not good either, especially those from chickens fed grain.

Foods that contain sugar and white flour – dough and also sweets – should be avoided. Other types of sugar such as brown sugar or honey can lead to acidification, but also sweeteners. For example, stevia is better than the latter.

Some fruits that are beneficial in other ways can be shifted towards acidity. For example, peanuts, dried or canned fruit or apple juice. But also acidify mushrooms, just like corn. Buckwheat, cumin and sesame are good, but most breads and baked goods made from cereals are acid-forming.

Animal fats and hardened vegetable oils should be avoided. Consuming too much protein contributes to acidification of the body. It is also a practical observation that sedentary lifestyle and work are a good source of acidification, while many movements do the opposite. This is also because the body’s abundant oxygen supply stimulates deacidification.

• Avoid acidic foods or take them in moderation!

• Leave products that are not essential, but have a strong acidity!

• Take medication only if it is inevitable!

• Don’t push yourself, make your schedule, don’t hurry!

• Chew the food in peace, eat slowly!

• Avoid stressful situations, do not worry unnecessarily!

• Do not make yourself mad unnecessarily, pay attention to what is good for you!

How can we restore our acid-base balance?

It is important not to start the day with something acidic in the morning. For example, coffee, smoking a cigarette or even reading the news or listening to it is an assassination attempt against ourselves. Instead, exercise, breathing exercises, relaxation, fruit, clean fluids and the “ingestion” of positive mental content is recommended.

It is important to maintain the health of the gut flora, which is also important for well-being. Definitely chew slowly and thoroughly and don’t eat so much at once that you get full. Do not consume animal protein and starchy food at the same time!

• Eat a lot of alkaline food!

• Avoid processed, artificial foods and eat lots of fruits and vegetables instead!

• Avoid carbonated drinks, alcohols, instead drink green tea, spring water, still mineral water!

• Drink alkaline water regularly!

• Learn to relax, relax regularly!

• Exercise a lot, go for a walk in nature!

• Breathe balanced, even and calm!

• Always eat under calm circumstances!

• Learn to deal with your negative emotions and translate them into creative activities.

Fruits and vegetables that strengthen the base the most: 

Broccoli, parsley, fresh white beans, lime, savoy cabbage, papaya, sea salt (e.g. Himalayan salt), spinach, grapefruit, pumpkin, beetroot, radish, garlic, onion, bell pepper, tomato.

According to certain sources, stored potatoes can also acidify. Of course, there are differences in the types and how they are prepared. The new potatoes are better in this regard and if they are prepared in a “natural” way. Salted fries, for example, are problematic. Sweet potatoes as a substitute for potatoes and Jerusalem artichokes are also good.

Germinated seeds and food also contribute to alkalization. Typically, green vegetables are the most preferred in this regard and also have higher levels of chlorophyll and minerals, which is also beneficial. Olive oil, linseed oil and avocado oil are also positive. Phytonutrients help remove acidic waste, so some vegetables and the multivitamin Xtend are useful.

Tap water is not very healthy due to chlorine. Regular consumption of alkaline water is one of the best ways to restore the acidified body, but also to prevent acidification. However, it is also worth paying attention to the amount of sodium, as some alkaline waters contain too much sodium.

Interestingly, alkalization also contributes to healthy weight loss. Sodium bicarbonate is one of the best known antacids, but calcium and magnesium also have this effect. With an acidic organism, care must also be taken to ensure that sufficient mineral intake is maintained.

On the emotional level, positive acceptance, solving problematic situations and finding more joy work effectively. The presence of male energies must be accepted, and if it is properly manifested, the acidification will cease. Find harmony between will and self-control, experience and let go of feelings between male and female characteristics.

Solving the life tasks, experiencing the feeling of freedom and achieving spiritual harmony put the overacidified body in order. It is worth to find the problem or the emotional situation that is responsible for the situation because if we resolve these inner dissatisfactions, we are on the way to a healthy acid-base state.

What happens when the acid-base balance is restored? 

• Improved well-being, joie de vivre increases.

• The energy level rises.

• The body weight is restored.

• The body is more resistant to diseases and pathogens cannot colonize.

• The acidified body builds up fat reserves to neutralize them. It is released through the alkalizing diet and lifestyle.

• Calmer, deep sleep.

• The craving for acidic stimulants is reduced

. • Digestion problems and related psychological effects can be reduced and eliminated. • Heartburn, reflux is stopped, the gastric mucosa is repaired.

• Enough minerals get into the body to strengthen bones and joints.

• The skin becomes more beautiful, smoother and cleaner.

• Aging processes slow down.

• Stress and tension are gradually reduced.

• A calmer, more balanced state of mind.

• The brain becomes livelier, fresher and the ability to concentrate improves.

Ketogenetic and vegan diet – introduction, comparison

Both the ketogenetic and vegan diet have an older origin and a great tradition but they are not so well known and not so many people know what they are really about.

Many people have never heard of the former, and the latter is known to be the same as the vegeterian diet.

In this article, we are going to introduce both and compare them.

Ketogenetic diet

This diet was originally developed with therapeutic goal and against certain diseases. Ketones are oxygenated organic compunds that are also present in the human body. They are made when glucose is in short supply and they can function as alternative fuels for the body.

Summary of ketogenetic diet

The intent of the ketogenetic diet is that the meal should have a low amount of carbohydrates, an adequate amount of proteins and high amounts of fat. And in this case, the liver breaks down the fats into ketones and fatty acids. In this way, ketones replaces glucose which would be the source of energy.

A big advantage is that the body breaks down the excess fat, overweight people can lose wieght and it can help prevent many diseases. It is not without interest that there is no strong feeling of hunger compared to regular or other diets.

It is beneficial for diabetes, high blood pressure, epilepsy and for certain neurological diseases.

The ketogenetic diet had been developed in the 1920s but it started to spread in the 90s.

You may think that this diet is not beneficial for skinny,thin people because of the lower amount of proteins and carbohydrates, yet experiences show that it is possbile to gain muscle with this diet.

The ketogenic lifestyle can also occur naturally, for example if you get in a situation where the food is less,the body switches into survival mode. Since there is less carbohydrates, the body will use the (stored) fats. From this point of view, people with excess fat can take advantage of it.

Ketogenic diet meal plan

Firstly, it is needed to determinate the neccessary amount of energy considering the age, weight and other circumstances. The ratio of carbohydrates, proteins and fat has to be determinated and only consume as much as it is recommended.

The drawback of it that you have to keep monitoring the amount of energy you eat at mealtimes.

The diet can include various types of meat, fish, some dairy products (such as heavy cream, high-fat cheese), vegetable fats and oils, cauliflower, broccoli, etc…

Only those fruits and vegetables can be consumed that are low in carbohydrate.

There is not a specific list of what you have to eat but the ratio of the total quantity of fat, protein, carbohydtate and the energy must be proper together.

You may need to add some supplements (vitamins, minerals that may not be taken in to your body with the diet) to your ketogenic diet.

Over time, different types of ketogenic diet has been formed, depending on the purpose of the treatment for example Atkins keto diet, combined together with paleo diet.

While it may be used effectively in some diseases and obesity, it has several drawbacks. On the one hand, you have to constantly measure, note the quantity consumed, on the other hand, it is not balanced in terms of various nutrients eaten.

It is allowed to eat many unfavorable, even unhealthy foods while you may avoid some healthful foods.

The vegan diet

The vegetarian diet is primarily a plant-based diet, the the main thing is to avoid meat. This diet is not the same as vegan diet. Before we get into that, let’s see what the difference is between vegan and vegetarian diet because many people don’t know it or often think that they are the same.

The difference between vegan and vegetarian diet

The vegan diet is a type of vegetarian diet. Therefore, every vegan diet is a vegetarian diet at the same time however, it’s not true backwards.

Following the vegetetarian diet, we can’t eat meat, while following the vegan diet, we can’t eat any animal source food. It means, we can’t consume milk, egg, dairy products. Moreover, honey is not allowed, either.

Summary of vegan diet

First of all, vegans don’t consume meat, milk, eggs, dairy products. Whereas they consume vegetable dishes, namely, vegetables, fruits, cereals, seeds.

Vegans replace animal source food in a creative way. For example, milk is replaced with plant milk, „meat” is replaced, made with cereals, soy. Cheese can be made with nuts or soy.

But there is another type of this diet, that is called „raw vegan”. This means, they eat everything raw or they only eat those plant products that were heat-treated to 40-42 degrees.

Hovewer, it had been around since the beggining of the last century, the phrase „vegan” was spread in the 40s. From then, its popularity has been increased.

The vegan diet is very effective in preventing many diseases, especially cardiovascular diseases. What you have to watch out is that all the essential nutrients, trace elements (such as vitamin B12) must be taken.

Typical vegan foods can be: muesli, granole, vegetable stew, pasta, buckwheat, steamed and fried vegetables, porridge, fruit salad, vegetable salad, fruit and vegetable soups, rice-based foods, potato dishes, quark and vegetable-based cheese, cereal-based foods, whole grain breads, delicacies made of plant.

The comparison of ketogenic and vegan diet

The ketogenic diet is used more against certain diseases or in order to lose weight, and partly for health reasons.

The vegan diet is primarily used for health reasons and ethical reasons. In this case, the principle is not to kill animals and not to keep them as food.

The ketogenic diet can also include many unhealthy foods that can contribute to the develpomnet of certain diseases.

With the vegan diet, there is a chance that not all the necessary amounts of nutrients are taken in to the body.

None of these diets actually exclude the possibility of consumig all the necessary nutrients but this requiers constant attention.

The ketogenic diet can be very effective for those who are prone to corpulence or are overweight, while among vegans can be found idividuals whose weight are above the healthy rate. On the other hand, the much fat, its ratio and its type also matter. This speaks against the ketogenic diet.

In both the ketogenic and vegan diet, there may be purified, processed products, products that are filled with food additive and other less preferred products.

In the case of a vegan diet, there may be more carbohydrates at times and in the case of a ketogenic diet, the too much animal fat can be a problem. Of course, it depends on the individual. It also depends on the individual how beneficial the diet is for him or her.

It is not recommended to start any of these diets without delay. Just because your logic tells you to do so, it is not the right way. You have to take into account the state of the body and mind and realize if your determination is strong enough.

Using ketogenic diet in the long term, can lead to the development of chronic diseases. It may also have side effects that can cause gastrointestinal problems.

Combining the two diets generates a completely different situtaion. If you achieve the ketogenic effect with vegetable fats and protein, the harmful effects of animal source foods can decrease. If you combine the two diets correctly, you can enjoy the advantages of both methods. This is what the book by Ruediger Dahlke, “Vegan Ketogen Diet” is about.

This is an ideal combination if you have diabetes, neurodegenerative disease or problems related to obesity. In the case of allergies, it can also be efficient and strengthen the body’s natural defense system.

The ketogenic method itself can reduce life expectancy, while together with the vegan diet, quite the contrary, they can increase it.

Tipps for quick weight loss – Emotional factors in wieght gain, 10 practical tips

The tips for losing weight work quickly if you know the emotional reasons for weight gain, your own personality, and your own “driving force”.In this article, we don’t give you general tips, rather we go through the conditions that have caused the excess weight gain and we go into details how you can lose weight healthily in the foreseeable future.

The human soul, the body and the life is a complex whole. And if you really want to get permanent results, don’t focus on just one area. This article will help you with it.

First, we are going to determine your body type, after that, we are going to look at what emotional reasons lead to weight gain and how you can overcome it.

Afterwards, we are going to talk about nutrition: when, how, and what to eat and what to avoid.

Lastly, we are going to talk in main lines about physical exercise, that is essential to get results.

If you pay attention to all of these areas, you will lose weight in a balanced way permanently and will become healthier at the same time.

There are a lot of fast, promising, and spectacular slimming programs out there. But you should forget that you could achieve greater weight loss in less than a week or two. Any such promise that ignores the correlation between mental life- nutrition- exercises and lifestyle will have a devastating effect later.

If something has developed over a long period of time, it cannot be repaired overnight. Physical and emotional health, harmony is the key in this case. If it fails, you will lose a lot of weight or very quickly in vain, but it can lead to unpleasant side effects or even more relapse in overweight.

Weight loss and body type – Which body type are you?

We differentiate three classic body types and a forth one which is often forgotten in most listing.

Ectomorph type:

Rangy, thin, with long limbs. Narrower hips and shoulders, the bone and muscle mass are also lower. Smaller joints, thin wrists and ankles, flat stomach, narrow, sometimes sunken chest. It has elongated, fibrous muscles that are difficult to build.

The metabolism is fast; the body stores less fat and it can be difficult to gain weight. It is fast, easy to move, if the person is too rangy the move can look clumsy. Usually this type is restless, keeps moving around.

Pyknic type (endomorphic):

Thick, broad-boned, usually with shorter limbs. Heavy, but soft, rounded muscles, broad hips, thick joints. Typical features could also be: short neck, round shoulders, larger head, larger chest and belly.

The metabolism is slower; the body stores more fat and is therefore more susceptible to weight gain. The pykniker is slower, moves more sluggishly and begins to wheeze faster. This type can build his or her muscles faster, but is difficult to shape and smooth it. Pyknikers are usually comfortable, relaxed and like to talk a lot.

Athletic (mesomorphic) type: Ideal and well-proportioned body, narrow hips, broad shoulders. Strong bones, firm stomach. Thin joints, muscular shape, suitable for most athletic movements.

The metabolism is perfect, he or she develops easily, builds muscles quickly, he or she is also capable of fast and strong physical exercise. Most are more confident and brave than the other types.

Average type

Provides a transition between ectomorph and endomorph. Moderately developed, medium size, neither fat nor thin. It has a moderate metabolic rate, although it has a decent body, it is not so proportional compared to the athletic type. This type is well-formed, but cannot develop so quickly.

Use these information to determine your body type. If someone wants to lose weight or should lose weight because s/he is overweight, that person usually belongs to the pyknik type.

The average and athletic people can also belong there if he or she becomes too comfortable. Otherwise, for the latter is the easiest to lose weight

Emotional causes of obesity and overweight and the solution

Although there may be hormonal causes or metabolic problems behind obesity, because everything is interconnected, psychological factors also play a role in these cases. Occasionally, a major loss or emotional shock can lead to obesity too. An overweight person longs for peace, so he or she experiences the power of weight.

A person who is obese does not think that his or her lifestyle is right or what s/he does is right.  This person probably knows what to do, but s/he exchanges his/her mental and emotional experiences for food. S/he hands over his mental and spiritual goals – even his thoughts – to the pleasure of eating. S/he is afraid that there is not going to be enough of something so s/he overeats. The emotional and financial insecurity makes him/her to collect and own many things.

Overweight is also associated with the desire for security. If someone loses his/her self-confidence, belief in him/herself because of something, this person often finds his/her escape in food or just „to put on some kilos”. Self-esteem and self-love have an impact on body weight.

The roll of flat is a kind of unconscious insulation against the outside world.

The individual protects himself from unpleasant situations and emotional injuries and does not let himself feel certain emotions. But we have already mentioned all of these at the emotional causes of digestive problems.

Food can be a kind of emotional supplement to compensate for the lack of experience.

In extreme cases, self-denial and self-loathing increase, which only worsens the situation.

Overweight people find it difficult to find their place in the world and compensate for this by subconsciously increasing their body volume.

But being contrary to the world and to certain situations can also be in the background. Obstinacy, when the person holds on certain emotions can be in the background too.

Overweight people have limited ideas in regard what they want to achieve or could achieve. Lack of inner abundance and satisfaction can show itself in portliness.

The overweight person desires to attentiveness, to be recognized and to be loved and if s/he can’t these things, s/he will award him/herself with food in order to get rid of saddness and sorrow.

In this way, the missing needs and feelings will be filled and at the same time s/he provides for him/herself peace with his/her increasing body volume. The things s/he couldn’t experience in emotional and mind level, its effect will be shown in excessive fat.

Solving the emotional reasons

It is important that you learn to accept yourself and find your own inner values. Express your feelings in your self-expression, believe in the many possibilities in your life. Your positive attitude towards yourself and others helps you to get rid of your excess kilograms/pounds. You have to expand in a different way.

Instead of increasing your body volume, you have to increase the impact on your life, become aware of your strength to emphasize your own meaning. Accept the place that belongs to you, open your mind, be ready for the full experiences, the true fulfillment. You have to increase your inner willpower.

It is the key to accept yourself with your overweight now. This is the starting point from there you can go anywhere. Instead of eating, find beauty, enjoy in human relationships, creation, play, or other creative ways. Maintain your meal habits. Do not eat irregularly or between meals.

Keep your decency, learn to say no, and don’t be afraid of being hurt because you’re too worried. Set goals, plan steps until you reach them. As a reward, think of something interesting, like traveling or something else that has nothing to do with food and is still fun. Increasing the range of your spiritual experiences instead of gaining pounds is so important to you that you will achieve what you plan. Create your own security, first in the soul, then in the material, in the deeds.

Weight Loss Tips – Diet

It doesn’t matter how much you eat – although it also matters in some way – it matters what you eat, when and how you eat. The subject of weight loss and nutrition itself is so extensive that you could write a separate book about it, but here we try to get to the bottom of things. While many weight loss methods are based solely on diet and nutrition, you know from this article that this only works if the other areas match.

Your body type influences your diet. If you are a Pykniker body type, you should take special care to avoid foods that contain too much sugar or fat. At the same time, however, you should also avoid foods rich in carbohydrates.

If you are an athlete type, it is also better to avoid lots of sugar and fat, although you are less prone to obesity. However, many delicacies, sweets and even alcohol can negatively affect this process. The good news is that your athletic body is more elastic and it is much easier to regain your ideal body weight and appearance.

There are some general rules that you should follow.

You should definitely avoid these: white sugar, white flour, carbonated soft drinks, fatty meat. Never eat high-carb and high-protein foods together. In general, the refined carbohydrates and fast foods should be avoided, not only for weight loss, but also for overall health.

Recommended: plant-based foods of natural origin are nutrient-rich and low in calories. Since they mostly consist of water, you can eat a lot more of them without the risk of becoming obese. These keep blood sugar levels low, preventing the development of various cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. The consumption of plant foods rich in polyphenols and fiber contributes to the health of the gut flora, which is crucial for good mental health.

Another reason why a plant-based diet is beneficial is that it significantly improves well-being. Your mood will improve, your inhibitions will decrease and – this is still icing on the cake – it will also reduce the feeling of hunger. Some experiments have shown that dried fruits reduce the “tendency” to gain weight.

One of the advantages of omega-3 fatty acids is that they speed up your metabolism. It is particularly useful with regular physical exercise because it helps you lose body fat without affecting muscle building. It also has a good effect on the functioning of the hormonal system, see the article about omega-3 fatty acids. On a side note, most dairy products are not good for losing weight and have other problems, but talking about them would go too far here. All of the artificial things that are full of additives, refined things and in general the “western type of diet” tend to support obesity. Japanese cuisine, Paleolithic diets, vegetarian and keto diets are healthier and help you lose weight and prevent obesity.

But how and when should you eat?

Eating should always be slow, avoid eating quickly, chew well and breathe evenly while you are eating. Generally, fruits are better in the first half of the day and vegetables in the second half of the day. How often you eat depends on your personality.

There are several types of advice, but it is better to eat less several times during the day than just eating once or twice a day because it is then difficult to resist eating. Have a light dinner early and in the evening eat nothing but pure liquid. It is also best to drink spring water, pure mineral water or 100% fruit juice during the day.

Weight Loss Tips- Physical exercise, how and what sport to do

Regular exercise is one of the most effective ways to lose weight, but you need to take into account the method, quanity, body type, and age.You can also do sports at the age of 100 but you always have to know what your health allows. If nothing else works, you can still go for a walk/ jogging. You shouldn’t make the mistake of never having to go through a drastic weight loss program overnight. Graduality, regularity is essential, and it should also be fun. If you only do it by force, you can be sure that you will stop and the weight loss will not be visible or you will gain back weight quickly.

Basically – if you have no special needs or don’t want to spend money on it, running, walking, cycling, swimming is good enough and in the case of bad weather you can do gymnastics in the apartment. But only gradually and only that much that will make you feel good and won’t make you lose your motivation.Another option is to go to gym and / or exercise with gym equipment. Find out which program is best suited for your type, or get in touch with a trainer.

Aerobics is suitable for the Pykniker type. Aerobic exercises – as its name suggests – require more oxygen, i.e. Exercises and movements that involve light or fast movements without requiring great effort. For example, weight lifting is anaerobic, running and cycling are aerobic. Trendy cardio training is nowadays a more intensive form of aerobic training, which strongly promotes fat loss. It is very effective when done on an empty stomach. It could happen that the same workout is only aerob for a person while it is cardio training for an other person. So don’t overdo it, regularity is important, at least 3-4 times a week.

What can be a problem for the athlete type is too much self-confidence. They know that their bodies respond quickly to everything, so they don’t worry too much when they lose their shape.

If an athlete gets lazy, it can also lead to considerable weight gain. Suddenly s/he realizes that it is not so easy to regain his/her body weight. The solution is if s/he doesn’t stop! That means that the regular physical exercise should always be part of his/her life.

Do some exercises at every times of the day!

The worst thing to do is sitting long hours in one place or laying in bed.

A training session isn’t woth much if you don’t move at all for the rest of the day.

Massage and stretching exercises can help a lot too besides exercises.

10 successful tips for losing weight

1. Determine which body type you belong to and choose your exercise and nutrition plan accordingly!

2. Set goals and plan, implement them, give yourself a reward that is not food.

3. Get to know yourself, develop your self-confidence constantly, find security in your abilities and find harmony in your soul!

4. If you accept yourself and go forward on your own way, there is nothing (nobody) to protect yourself from.You can look everyone in the eye, be open and sociable!

5. Do not try to force anything. Let things happen and create themselves.You have to work on yourself, Let go of the past, the uncomfortable feelings. Be yourself so others will recognize you.

6. Avoid white sugar, white flour, foods and liquids with a high sugar content including refined carbohydrates and fast food.

7. Eat more natural plant based foods, especially vegetables and fruits.

8. Choose forms of exercises or sports that not only help you but are also fun amd make you happy. Start them gradually and do them on a regular basis.

9. Do aerobic exercises. Do not sit or lie for hours. Move during every times of the day.

10. Find an activity that has more joy than eating and gain experience in it.

Zinzino oil- what is it, why is it good, how to use it

Zinzino Balance oil is one of the most effective anti-inflammatory or pro-inflamamtory agents. From the point of view of body function, it contains such important substances from natural sources that are difficult or imposssible to obtain.

This article is goint to answer the following questions:

What is Zinzino oil?

What is so important in Balance oil?

Why are polyphenol and olive oil so beneficial?

The Omega-3 and Zinzino oil

Where does it come from?

Why should you use it?

Zinzino Balance oil components – What ingredients does it contain?

What are the adventages of it?

Dosage of Zinzino Balance oil

What versisons are available?

Is Zinzino Balance oil safe and reliable?

How should I store it?

What is Zinzino oil?

In short: fish oils and omega-3 fatty acids A balanced mixture of polyphenol-rich olive oil helps to ensure that you have enough omega-3 fatty acids in your body – omega 3-6 also prevents inflammation.

See more details below.

Why is fish oil so important?

We have known for a long time that among Eskimos – they eat a lot of seal fat, fish oil and other meat- cardiovascular diseases and cacner are very rare. This is mostly thanks to omega-3 fatty acids.

On other parts of the world, the inhabitants of the developed countries try to supplement it with purified fish oil capsules.

Only few people know that those omega-3 fatty acids that are found in nature, contain such components that protect against oxidation.

In fish oil capsules, however, these are missing. In the traditional industrial production of fish oil, these components are removed, and thus they also reduce the anti-inflammatory effects. In fact, purified fish oil tends to increase the possibilty of oxidation and inflammation.

This could be compensated for by taking sufficient antioxidants. However, the latter is less related to those who look for fish oil (omega-3). Those who do not consume fish oil but oil-rich fish they have the necessary components, so it helps them a lot.

The problem with it is that today’s fish don’t have the same health benefical effects beacuse of industry pollution. Moreover, they may even contain harmful substances. Vitamin E used for fish oil capsules is used to protect the oil capsule itself but it has no further effect after consumption.

Why are polyphenol and olive oil beneficial?

Polyphenol is an antioxidant that is not only protects against oxidation, but also has an anti-inflammatory effect on the inner surface of the blood vessels and other inner tissue surfaces. Substances in olive oil protect cholesterol from oxidation, but they are also good for preventing the onset of inflammatory processes. The polyphenols prevent the formation of intestinal and gastrointestinal diseases. The bioavailability of the polyphenols in olive oil is excellent. With the blood flow, they can easily reach all parts of the body, and they can prevent the development of several diseases

The polyphenols in olive oil prevent the growth of cancer cells and stop the growth of the tumor. They prevent stomach ulcers and protect the liver and also the joints. The combination of omega-3 with suitable polyphones is particularly effective as prevention against inflammation in the brain.

Olive oil and omega-3 together have a very positive effect on the heart and against inflammatory processes on the heart. The combination of the polyphenols and fish oil is uniquely effective in inhibiting inflammation throughout the body.

Omega-3 and Zinzino oil

Omega-3 is a group of unsaturated fatty acids that play an important role in maintaining health and reducing inflammation. The amount is just as important as the appropriate ratio of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids.

Read the article “Omega Truth!”

The Zinzino balance oil helps to take in the correct amount of omega-3 into the body.

Can I get Omega-3 from other sources?

Yes. From vegetable oils and fatty fish.

However, these should be included in a sufficient ammount. This is difficult or not possible at all.

Where does it come from?

Fish from the North Sea (mackerel, sardines, anchovies). There is also a vegan version that consists of marine microalgae.

Why should you use it?

The ratio of omega 3 to omega 6 should be excellent in your body. This ensures that no inflammation can occur. A lot of omega-6 can be introduced to the body from food, but only a small amount of omega-3. The ideal amount would be around 1800 mg. To achieve this amount, several kilos of fresh sea fish would have to be eaten each week, and it also matters what kind of fish.

Zinzino Balance oil components – What kind of substances does Zinzino Balance oil contain?

First, it contains high quality fish oil, which is rich in EPA and DHA fatty acids, and also DPA and Omega-7, which can only be found in fish of the North Sea.

It is rich in cold-pressed and specially selected polyphenol, extra virgin olive oil, and mixed tocopherols (antioxidants), vitamin D3. Aromas and flavors: lemon, mint, vanilla, orange.

What are the advantages of Zinzino balance

It is able to optimize the ratio of Omega-3-6 in less than 120 days.

Thanks to the perfect harmony of fish and olive oil, omega-3and polyphenols are introduced in a sufficient amount.

Olive oil used in Balance oil contains more than 350 mg polyphenols per kilogram. These are powerful antioxidants that protect the quality of the oil and the balance of the human body. Vitamin D3 makes an effective contribution to the body’s ability to function well. The oil optimizes and maintains the levels of EPA and DHA.

It significantly promotes the normal functioning of the brain.

Dosage of Zinzino Balance oil – how to use it?

0.15 ml per kilogram of body weight

for a 50 kg body weight 7.5 ml

for a 60 kg body weight 9 ml

for a 70 kg body weight 10.5 ml

for an 80 kg body weight 12 ml

for a 90 kg body weight 13.5 ml

for a 100 kg body weight 15 ml.

What versions of Zinzino Balance oil are available?

„Basic” Balance oil with vanila, lemon or orange flavors.

Capsules made up of soft gelatin which are easy to swallow.

Vegan version, which contains an extract from microalgae instead of fish oil, also contatins polyphenols extracted from olive oil and echium seed oil.

It effectively protects the cells from oxidation.

A water-soluble formula is also available if you don’t like the consistency and the taste of fish oil.

Is Zinzino Balance oil safe and reliable?

The oil is extracted from the whole, unprocessed fish that go through a refining process in which the various contaminants are removed. These oils do not contain any heavy metal or toxins.

The manufacturer fully meets all requirements for food, medication and products.

In particular, it complies with the strict regulations regarding EPA and DHA.

How should I store it?

At room temperature or refrigerated but always in a dry place, where it is not exposed to direct light. Once it was opened, it should be stored in refrigerator and should preferably be consumed within 45 days,

Causes of depression, emotional causes, nutrition, gut flora

The causes of depression are related to the mental state, nutrition, and the health of gut flora. This article describes the general reasons and emotional components that lead to this condition. We can learn more about the correlation between nutrition and depression, as well as the health of gut flora and the effects of prebiotics and omega fatty acids in order to solve the problem.

The depression and its causes 

The depression is a condition associated with the (on the increase) decrease of zest for life and pep.

Other different symptoms such as anxiety, fear, reduced ability to concentrate can contribute to this.

The process can range from dejectedness, through the sense of guilt to bitterness and finally experiencing the total loss of hope.

We have knonw for a long time that the quality of nutrition is associated with it. Recent researsch has made it clear that the digestive sysytem -particularly the gut flora -also has an impact of the health of emotional state.

There are different types of depression, depending on the cause of the development of the depression:

  • It occurs as a result of various diseases.
  • It develops with taking medication.
  • After a traumatic event
  • Through physical changes such as hormone levels
  • Due to malnutrition
  • Many series of failures, reduces self-esteem
  • Unhappy / bad relationships, broken relationships
  • Excessive focuse on negative thingsEmotional causes of depression

A depressed person- not temporarly or for a short period of time, but chronic or severe depression-is no longer able to handle his/her life and lost the control of his/her life. His/her soul is filled with negative memories, reactions, and s/he is just about to forget the positive experiences.

S/he mostly sees everything on the darker side, his/her state of mind can be due to the lack of something but s/he can’t find the real reasosns.

This person may also have a number of desires, but assumes that something will happen, someone will solve it, against this only a change by his/her own efforts could make a different and help overcome this state. There could be a number of strong repressed emotions- anger, aggression- in the background. Later on, these emotions can show themselves as negative states of the body or mind.

Depressed people often turn their backs on life and don’t face the things that life brings. In severe case, s/he closes him/herself off totally to the outside world, give up his/her ability to change. S/he fears life as well as death.

S/he lives in the past, thirsts for something else, don’t accept the situation (and himself), sees a great contrast between what is there and what would be ideal for himself, in conditions, people, relationships. He is sensitive and may feel guilty, but he can use his state as a manipulative tool against his surroundings. /people surrounding him.

Losing a person, long-term tension, stress, loss of life goals, and ideals can cause depression. Negative confrontation with life. Repressed anger, pain, sadness can lead to escape, dejectedness, and even to give up on things.The solution is to find the opportunities again, to find the good again – if necessary, conscious relaxation, meditation – and then to find your way back to life gradually, to find joy, to take on tasks and to solve them.

The relationship between depression and nutrition

Mechanisms associated with inflammation are often behind the development of depression. Regular consumption of foods that promote inflammation is a major threat. Sweetened soft drinks and white flour products are very bad in this regard.

Many processed foods – refined grains, fat milk products, sweets influence your moods to a greater extent. In contrast, those who follow a natural and healthy diet can keep their mental status in proper condition with a greater inner strenght, energy and awareness.

In recent decades, several studies have shown that foods that promote or reduce inflammation are associated with the possibility of developing depression, but also with preventing it. The inflammation factor and susceptibility to unhappiness are much higher among consumers who consume fast-absorbing carbohydrates, processed red meat, sugary and artificial sweets.

Inflammation associated with nutrition has an impact on the development of depression, on depression maintaining and even on aggravating it. Proper nutrition is therefore the key to avoiding depression. Research shows that consumers of more fiber have more gut bacteria, which are also responsible for creating chemicals that affect mood.

There is a direct relationship between a sufficient quantity of vitamins and mood changes. In particular, the presence of vitamins C and E affects consciousness, physical condition, and most of the B vitamins affect the nervous system. In addition, foods and food supplements containing a lot of antioxidants have a positive effect on mood because they protect against stress.

Some studies report that foods containing a lot of arachidonic acids increase the presence of anxiety and depression symptoms. These are mainly found in animal source foods such as eggs, beef, pork and chicken. They also promote the likelihood of developing inflammations. Numerous experiments have shown that a diet that contains less meat and more fruits and vegetables can improve the general mood, well-being and natural joy of people. The chemical balance of the brain plays an important role in the state of mind.

The pro-inflammatory foods have a negative impact on the chemical state of the brain, while certain plant foods – like berries, onions and some spices, green tea – have a positive effect.

In general, candy consumption temporarily reduces the negative psychological state, but will lead to less desirable side effects. Poor nutrition – including excessive consumption of refined, sugared foods or the excessive amounts of omega-6 – contributes to the development of negative states of mind.

The solution to the diet is to switch to more natural foods, especially vegetables and fruits. Omega-3 fatty acids can also help. Some experiments have already shown that a deficiency in omega-3 can often lead to negative mental states, psychotic symptoms, depressive moods.

A relationship can be demonstrated between fast food rich in saturated and trans fatty acids and processed foods and depressive states. This means that those who consume such foods are much more likely to become depressed. While those who mainly consume foods containing polyunsaturated fatty acids – like some residents of the Mediterranean countries – rarely experience the depression.

Several experiments have shown that an unfavorable balance between omega-3 and omega-6 increases susceptibility to inflammatory diseases and also to depression. The ideal balance between omega-3 and 6 fatty acids can do the opposite, reducing the likelihood of these diseases occurring.

The heatlhy gut flora and depression

If the gut flora changes, it influences the behavior. Various studies have already shown that the existence or absence of part of the total bacteria affects the state of the psyche. Since these changes also control action, they often lead people on the wrong path.

Bacteria in the stomach constantly send signals to the brain. If the gut flora is not yet damaged, e.g.  by an antibiotic cure, it is better to concentrate on their nurture. Whole plant foods are very beneficial because they contain substances that help the work of the prebiotics.

The beneficial polyphenol-containing plant nutrients can only be released for absorption in a good gut flora. Gut bacteria and gut wall cells also produce serotonin, which is responsible for regulating mood. Solving psychological problems and tension requires more energy, which our body receives primarily through the functioning of the intestine.

Too much tension, problems and mental exhaustion can – conversely – also reduce the proper functioning of the intestine. This can lead to various digestive problems that further worsen your mental state. A vicious circle is thus formed.

The intestine and nervous system are in close contact with each other, which also affects the immune system.

High-fiber plant foods support this process positively and contribute to the perfect functioning of the gut flora.

But such “substitutes” like alcohol, lots of sweets and acidic foods take us  in the wrong direction. Even in a bad mood, it is better to focus on eating enough fruits and vegetables

Prebiotics and depression

Prebiotics belong to the beneficial bacteria. The best known are Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium. They not only have a positive effect on the health of the digestive system, but also strengthen the immune system. In addition to maintaining or restoring the health of gut flora, they have many other positive effects.

They contain various vitamins. They help absorb minerals and prevent the growth of harmful microorganisms. Nowadays we know that prebiotic foods and supplements relieve anxiety and help overcome depression.

According to research and test results of scientists, prebiotic foods and supplements reduce the activity of areas in the brain that are responsible for pain.

According to some studies, taking prebiotics for a few weeks can increase the ability of white blood cells to destroy harmful intruders in the body as well as their activity against cancer cells.

In the future, research could help treat diseases with natural preparations instead of medications. For example, prebiotics treat those diseases of gut flora that cause psychological symptoms.


Depression is a disease that can be traced back to a lof reasons and can’t be treated easily. However, it can be tackled effectively. The most effective way is to start the countermeasure on several fronts- mentally, through lifestyle and through nutrition. To do this, it is needed to change the attitude and to make effort towards a healthier nutrition.

The emotional causes of digestive problems

Digestion is the processing of the material impressions of the world, whereby the body distinguishes between useful and useless substances and separates out the indigestible substances.

Therefore, it is mainly our relationship with ourselves and the world, but the circumstances of our meals affect its normal functions too.

The digestive system is connected to the energy center near the navel, therefore, the relationship withourselves and with others play a major role in its health.

The two extremes are those who focus almost solely on their careers and on themselves, and those who give up almost everything for the benefit of others.

This also includes the effect of fear on various things, e.g. of new things, unusual situations, inadequacies or ongoing stressful situations. Excessive pressure to perform, as well hopelessness and giving up can trigger harmful processes in the digestive system.

Addictions, exaggerations, the relationship between food type and work

These can lead to dependencies such as overeating, smoking, alcohol consumption or medication. However, they only distract people from facing the real problem. People with digestive problems often exaggerate certain areas of life and thus compensate for their lack of self-esteem.

Loss of appetite is a rejection of joie de vivre (happiness of life) and self-awareness. There is something that we don’t accept in ourselves, which may be traced back to the childhood and that is why we do not accept life to the extent that it is for us. Obesity is a kind of “protective belt”, an external defense against attacks on our personality. The weakening of the feeling of security in life and the weakening of the belief in ourselves contributes to its development.

Some take on too many tasks, work too much, others overdo it with pleasure, there are those who pile up the material things in life and it is never enough, others want to prove themselves constantly and they are always doing all kind of crazy things. And the craving for sweets is an expression of hunger for love through the body level. It is an interesting observation that those who do a lot of headwork prefer to eat salty foods.

Consumers of reserved, light, almost tasteless and soft foods avoid novelties, difficulties and confrontations with others. Gourmets, on the other hand, who are enthusiastic about all kinds of spices, as well as strong, spicy dishes, want the new, expect new impulses and experiences from life.

Another observation is that the difference between those who prefer harder and milder foods and their attitudes towards problems. The former ones tend to avoid the problems, while the latter faces challenges and actually demand challenges.

Emotional causes of stomach problems

The stomach takes the impressions from outside as things to be digested. It is the reception body that collects and processes the physical and mental nutrients. Stomach patients cannot consciously solve their problems and conflicts, hold back or become violent and almost spit fire. Stomach problems are also an expression of fear, the individual is afraid of the unknown, of the new and unexpected.

Those who are often in tense, exciting situations where they have to stand, are most likely to have stomach problems.

If you can’t let go of your anger, you will swallow your anger. It appears as gastric acid that flows into the gullet. When fears, worries and self-harm intensify, this is shown by heartburn.

In the case of a gastric ulcer, the individual digests his own stomach wall instead of processing external influences and problems. This person doesn’t have enough confidence to start the fight, but prefers to please others. There is a process here that the individual cannot solve and cannot get rid of. The patient’s internal struggle with his own limitations weakens his stomach’s ability to regenerate.

Too much competitiveness and depression weaken the stomach’s natural ability to regenerate.

Excessive responsibility is not good either, but the ability to solve tasks and challenges will help strengthen your health.

Positive feelings like joy, relaxation, sense of achievement, happy relationships and expressions of love have a very positive effect on your stomach.

Emotional causes of bowel problems

Bowel problems are mostly related to not being able to let go. The individual is often afraid to leave the past behind. On the other hand, the functioning of the small intestine is more closely connected to conscious thinking and that of the large intestine to the subconscious. Abdominal pain is a symptom of inner fear if you don’t trust your own abilities. Relaxation helps.

With intestinal inflammation, courageous action and the separation of necessary and unnecessary things in life are essential.

Small intestine problems are also related to criticality or its total loss. The presence of fear has a major impact on this organ. Fear of rejection and guilt or self-accusation can also contribute to inner sensitivity, which is projected onto the small intestine.

While the small intestine is associated with diarrhea, the large intestine is more likely to be associated with constipation. If you insist on things, especially material ones, then there is often fear that the spiritual content of the subconscious will come to light.

With colon inflammation, individuals are afraid to ralize themselves and adopt their own personality. Worries, negative experiences and exaggerated expectations of others contribute to this. At the same time, they suppress their own enthusiasm, prevent progress towards becoming healthy and suppress the natural expression of our personality.

The solution is to let go, look to the future and accept and live life.

Emotional causes of pancreatitis

The pancreas helps us process our food for pleasant feelings and affection. Some people get too much care, others too little love, and this can lead to confusion and even tension that can affect the health of the pancreas.

Sugar is the associated substance of love and sweet life. Diabetes arises from the desire for love and the inability to accept it. Many disappointments lead to bitterness, sooner or later the individual becomes dismissive or possibly rancorous.

The diabetic often holds back, cares for his old pain and wonders what would have happened if things had turned out differently. Diabetics also longs for love, but s/he doesn’t dare to actively experience, to realize, s/he doesn’t know how to give love, so he withdraws.

The pancreas is the organ that is involved in releasing energy and accepting the sweetness of life.

The diabetic does not dare to give himself fully to the feelings, but nevertheless demands fulfillment in the subconscious. He is slightly embittered and does not see the beautiful side of life in its entirety.

A person with pancreatitis is angry with life because life doesn’t give him/her the usual or expected joys. But it is our job to give it to ourselves, certainly that we deserve it.

If we understand that nothing is against us and that life is not a constraint, it can help us a lot to restore normal functioning.

With diabetes you have to learn to say no, you do not have to accept all unpleasant situations, but it is important to open yourself to the joys and emotions.

Emotional causes of biliary problems

Bile problems, especially inflammation and gallstones, harden your energy. The person does not allow natural negative reactions, does not show their anger, is in exigency, so the body, through gallbladder, helps to accomplish what needs to be done.

Grief about old things or disapproval of others can lead to bitterness and biliary problems. It is no coincidence that bile is also bitter and instead of suppressing the emotions and feelings that come from bitter things, they have to be recognized and processed.

Instead of suppressing it, we have to live and digest the less pleasant part of everyday stimuli, and accept it with conscious understanding. If we don’t do this and let grievance and anger “burn inside”, the risk of getting gallstones increases.

Bile problems can be associated with a specific person or family, a form of addiction when because of the strong attachment to a specific person or family the natural emotinal responses are suppressed. by suppressing sensation, natural emotional responses. These inner frustrations and dissatisfactions can lead to gallbladder obstruction, inflammation, and gallstones.

Emotional solutions to digestive problems

It is necessary to create a balance between joy, things that makes us happy and caring for others. That means having enough self-esteem and caring for other, but not out of coercion or guilt, but out of joy. It is important to accept yourself and the duties of life. It is important to find the middle course between receiving, accepting and letting go. Instead of suffering from imaginary injuries or real suppressed injuries, we should live the friendly, gentle side of life and enjoy the joys that life offers.

Instead of fighting against things that are already there, it is better to understand, process, talk about, express and experience so you can let go things that are needed to be let go and expereince all the things that we deserve.

It is much more important to improve our personal abilities, self-respect, positive attitude than to run after materialistic things or to flee to some diversionary activity.

With creating a great balance between accepting ourselves and having happy relationships with others can help prevent digestive diseases.

Omega-3 truth – the right ratio of omega-3 and omega-6

Omega-3 is commonly known as a supplement,which has a beneficial effect on heart health. However, this is only one of the beneficial effects, there are many other reasons to pay attention to the appropriate presence of this nutrient in the body.


One of the most well-knonw dietary supplements is Omega-3. It is not by accident, it is because of its many physiological advantages. Recently, it turned out to be one of the most effective factors in the prevention of inflammatory diseases. Another fundamental thing is the ratio of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, which has a great impact on our health level.


What is omega-3 and how does our body get it?


Omega-3 is a group of unsaturated fatty acids.
This includes eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA), docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), alpha-linolenic acid (ALA). These can be taken with nutrition or dietary supplements in the body. Their main source is fish, alga or vegetable oils, seeds, nuts, krill, hazelnuts, eggs, blueberries, black raspberries.


These fatty acids play an important role in maintaining health and many diseases can be avoided if sufficient quantities are consumed.

ALA is a short chain fatty acid and the body has to transform it so it can be used. The other two are long chain fatty acids which is easy for the body to use.


The former can be found in many plants such as nuts, linseed, spinach, soy, broccoli, but these contain little of the other two.

The latter are mainly contained in some fish such as sturgeon, trout, tuna, herring, mackerel, anchovy, sardines. But we should consume these in a very large amount in order to get the sufficient quantities of the fatty acids.

That is why there are fish oil capsules, for example, but they are only partially

contain the active ingredients.


Omega-3 for children


It is extremely important to get sufficient amounts of omega-3 in childhood, especially for brain development. This affects learning ability, intelligence and behavior. Taking it in time can help prevent an early predisposition to childhood illness – especially with regard to inflammation.

There are several official recommendations for quantity intake. According to the American National Academy of Medicine, 0.5 grams per day is recommended up to the age of 1 year, 0.7 grams up to 3 years old. The European Food Safety Authority sets the recommended amount of DHA at 200 mg daily up to the age of 2.

At the same time, the American institute determines 0.9 grams per day up to the age of 8, but the European determine 250 mg (including EPA and DHA) up to the age of 18.


Omega-3 fatty acids – ALA, EPA and DHA


ALA or linolenic acid – is a fatty acid that the body converts to DHA, but it will not create the sufficient amount.

The recommended daily dose for men is 5.21 and for women 4.158 kcal. Excessive intake can cause problems in the digestive system, too little intake can cause poor mood and attention deficit and increases the risk of chronic inflammation. Usually linseed and rapeseed oil as well as nuts, broccoli, soybeans and spinach contain ALA.


EPA or eicosapentaenoic acid is part of the cell membrane in the brain. According to experts, it has an anti-inflammatory effect and the recommended amount is 200-250 mg daily.

Again, excessive intake could cause problems for the digestive system. A deficiency in turn causes the same symptoms as in the case of ALA. The source is the oily fish.


DHA or docosahexaenoic acid is an important building block for the brain and optic nerves. The recommended daily dose here is at least 650 mg. Excessive intake or deficiency cause the same symptoms as with both other fatty acids. It is anti-inflammatory and the natural source is oily fish.


The effects of omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids and their right ratio


Omega-6 fatty acids also have many advantages, but in a larger amount they contribute to inflammation. When enzymes (COX, LOX) break down saturated omega-6 fatty acids present in our cell membranes, inflammatory metabolites are also produced.


When omega-3 fatty acids are broken down, they produce anti-inflammatory metabolites. Therefore, if omega-3 fatty acids are in the majority in the cell membrane, no inflammation usually develops. If the saturated omega-6 fatty acids are in the majority, then the development of degenerative diseases is more likely.

The proportion of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids in the Western diet has multiplied in favor of the latter in the past century. This wrong ratio is in the background of chronic inflammation.


By increasing the intake of omega-3 fatty acids – with beta-glucans and polyphenols (antioxidant compounds) – reduces and prevents the presence and development of inflammation in the human body.

Originally, the ratio of omega-3 to omega-6 in human DNA was 1: 1. Today, this ratio has multipled in favor of omega-6.


In order for our body to work well- and to avoid inflammation – the ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 should be between 5: 1 and 3: 1. However, this is rare nowadays, rather it is typical that omega-6 fatty acids are in the majority. This is why so many people can get cancer, cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, not to mention the other diseases.


The omega-3 truth


The main cause of most civilization diseases in our body is cellular inflammation. We do not feel this inflammation, but it can trigger cardiovascular, tumor, digestive, autoimmune diseases, the development of diabetes, and allergies.

The trigger for cellular inflammation is in our cell membrane, a significant shift in the normal ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 fatty acids towards omega-6. As a result of the subsequent inflammation, the wall of the cell-membrane swells, the fluidity deteriorates. This means that sugar, nutrients, vitamins and trace elements can only reach the cell to a limited extent and the supply of oxygen to the cell is also prevented. The removal of slag from the cell is also made more difficult.


Too much intake of omega-6 weakens our immunse system, helps the development of inflammations and increases the risk of development of hearth diseases and the risk of cancer. In contrast to this, the sufficient amount of omega-3 helps self-healing through better blood circulation. promotes normal functioning of the immune sysytem and inhibits inflammations.


Omega-3 contributes to the efficient functioning of the hormone system because its presence supports the elasticity of the cell membrance.


In contrast, the lack of omega-3 can also lead to a number of mental illnesses. Attention and ability to learn can be greatly reduced, can indirectly contribute to depression and in some cases even to schizophrenia.


According to experience, restoring normal ratio between Omega-6 and Omega-3 without the addition of food or with omega-3 capsules that don’t contain polyphenols is not possible. Polyphenols are those groups of plant antioxidant compounds that have anti-inflammatory properties. Among other things, they inhibit the formation of COX, LOX and MMP, which play an important role in the development of inflammation. Other mechanisms are positively influenced by them with the same effect too.

Good sources of polyphenols are cocoa beans and spices such as turmeric. But most vegetables, fruits, nuts, hazel and olives contain them as well.


The solutions


The normal diet does not provide the appropriate amount for the right ratio.


There are many omega-3 capsules available on the market. Only a part of the fish oil capsules contains omega-3 fatty acids, so you should take a lot of capsules to get the sufficient ammount. Furthermore, those products that don’t contain polyphenols don’t achieve the desired effect.

The ideal solution is Zinzino, which contains Swedish fish oil products and seaweed oil.

The Zinzino BalanceOil – which is also available in a vegetarian version – contains high-quality EPA and DHA fatty acids with polyphenols and vitamin D.

This perfectly balances the body’s Omega-3 and Omega-6 ratio.


Part of the article source was the book of Dr. Paul Clayton: Out of the fire.

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Emotinal causes of inflammation

Before we would go into details about the emotional causes of inflammation, let’s just go back to the beginning. What is inflammation? Fire comes to most of our minds, something is burning, something is on fire, something has been inflamed. Basically, the fire element will form itself as a negative power in this case. The name is felicitous too because most of the inflammations are related to some kind of inner warmth, hotness.

There are various types of inflammation in human body, but mostly they are a response of human organism (more specifically the immune sysytem) to some negative external factors, e.g. infection. It is natural and beneficial because its purpose to stop the root of the problem.If it happens -for example in the case of a small injury- there is no problem, everything has been done properly.

But what in the case of an extensive infection or if the infection does not disappear? What if it recrudesces or becomes chronic? That’s when people (at least some) start to think: what causes this? The drugs may treat the symptomps, the pain -it means they turn off the indicators of human body- but they don’t stop the real cause.

Many physical and lifestyle reasons may play a role in it but now we are searching for the emotional causes. In fact, they all relate to each other, so the emotional reason, the lifestyle, the nutrition, the exercise have a role in developing and stopping the inflammation. The reason of inflammation is accumulated energy. We can find out the emotional reason regarding the organ inflamed.

It is worth knowing that  most diseases are accompanied by inflammation. So, analyzing together with that disease, we can determinate the emotinal reasons behind it. The possible causes can be several things from guilty conscience to deprivation, anything that is burning inside of ourselves.

Emotional causes of inflammation

The emotional cause of inflammation is always something negative feeling connected to a certain area of life and thereby to a particular organ (organs). The fury, the anger and wrath and even accumulated worries and fears play a role in maintaining this condition.

If the individual can’t solve something that causes continuous stress, inner frustration in his/her life that can lead to disappointment and anger.

If s/he can’t let go of it or change the situation, it will form itself as a chronic inflammation in the body.

Those people who tend to focus on negative things, pay attention to bad things and are too self-critical, are more likely to suffer from inflammation that can „punish” them even for decades. The inflammation happening in our body makes us to focus on something that we don’t pay attention to and the pain makes us to solve it.

If we don’t do anything or don’t understand the message, the inflammation becomes chronic. Then, why is that, inflammation sometimes disappears? Probably, in those cases we solved the problem spontaneously or that certain area of our lives worked out and therefore all the energy that was connected to it changed as well.

The chronic inflammation is a warning cry from our body to change ourselves. If somebody resist adamantly, it can even lead to „incurable” diseases, but fortunately this happens very rarely.

Inflammation is also the expression of a “flare” in a person when someone almost breaks out in anger to get rid of an inner conflict. The inflammation, along with the infection, has succumbed to physical conflict. If we refrain from doing this on a psychological level, do not face it, it will appear in the body.

Indirectly, if someone does not “explode” on a psychological level, that is, to suppress or not to deal with the problem that leads to inner unrest, the body has no other choice. When we rebel against something but don’t dare to do it, our body rebels instead of us.

On the other hand, there can be a feeling of guilt behind the long-term chronic inflammation. If we feel that we have not done or failed to do something or did not take a stand for something and do not process it, it is stored in our cells.

The emotional solution for inflammation

The solution is to finally express what we feel, face the problem, take up the challange and move on. The basic thing is to focus on the postive but at the same time, it is needed to have at least one main goal that we can put energy in so it will not turn in to inflammation.

We have to perceive the light besides the shadows. Perceiving the peace and tranquility will harmonize the body as well. We have to accept ourselves and the current situation and instead of being angry all the time and keep seeing the problem in everything, we have to honestly undertake what there is.

We are nothing less valuable just because we have a problem or cannot solve it. If we cannot face this, we must seek help, but we should not allow the whole process to lead to a chronic, long-term illness.

When the body accumulates energy and creates a “fiery” state, we have to act on the specific area of our life. Indecisiveness promotes inflammatory processes, so we always have to determine our goals and the direction in which we are moving.

If we do not accept the challenges, the development, the positive excitement of life becomes negative and tense. In this way we reduce the living situation to a physical level and extend its dissolution. Let us recognize and process oppression, resistance to avoid physical and mental problems.