Anti-inflammatory diet, foods, cooking and nutrition

The anti-inflammatory diet, foods and nutrition are just a part of reducing, getting rid of or preventing inflammation but it is the easiest one to pay attention to We have already discussed the reasons and emotional reasons, so now we are going to look at it from a nutrutional point of view. According to recent […]

Against acidification – restoring the acid-base balance

The only solution against acidification is to restore the acid-base balance. Nowadays, -especially due to the vast amount of processed and artificial foods- almost everybody is impacted by the acidification of the body more or less. This problem is needed to be handled. Otherwise, it can lead to serious diseases. Inflammation and the acidification of […]

Tipps for quick weight loss – Emotional factors in wieght gain, 10 practical tips

The tips for losing weight work quickly if you know the emotional reasons for weight gain, your own personality, and your own “driving force”.In this article, we don’t give you general tips, rather we go through the conditions that have caused the excess weight gain and we go into details how you can lose weight […]

Zinzino oil- what is it, why is it good, how to use it

Zinzino Balance oil is one of the most effective anti-inflammatory or pro-inflamamtory agents. From the point of view of body function, it contains such important substances from natural sources that are difficult or imposssible to obtain. This article is goint to answer the following questions: What is Zinzino oil? What is so important in Balance […]

Causes of depression, emotional causes, nutrition, gut flora

The causes of depression are related to the mental state, nutrition, and the health of gut flora. This article describes the general reasons and emotional components that lead to this condition. We can learn more about the correlation between nutrition and depression, as well as the health of gut flora and the effects of prebiotics […]

The emotional causes of digestive problems

Digestion is the processing of the material impressions of the world, whereby the body distinguishes between useful and useless substances and separates out the indigestible substances. Therefore, it is mainly our relationship with ourselves and the world, but the circumstances of our meals affect its normal functions too. The digestive system is connected to the […]

Omega-3 truth – the right ratio of omega-3 and omega-6

Omega-3 is commonly known as a supplement,which has a beneficial effect on heart health. However, this is only one of the beneficial effects, there are many other reasons to pay attention to the appropriate presence of this nutrient in the body. One of the most well-knonw dietary supplements is Omega-3. It is not by accident, […]