Tipps for quick weight loss – Emotional factors in wieght gain, 10 practical tips

The tips for losing weight work quickly if you know the emotional reasons for weight gain, your own personality, and your own “driving force”.In this article, we don’t give you general tips, rather we go through the conditions that have caused the excess weight gain and we go into details how you can lose weight healthily in the foreseeable future.

The human soul, the body and the life is a complex whole. And if you really want to get permanent results, don’t focus on just one area. This article will help you with it.

First, we are going to determine your body type, after that, we are going to look at what emotional reasons lead to weight gain and how you can overcome it.

Afterwards, we are going to talk about nutrition: when, how, and what to eat and what to avoid.

Lastly, we are going to talk in main lines about physical exercise, that is essential to get results.

If you pay attention to all of these areas, you will lose weight in a balanced way permanently and will become healthier at the same time.

There are a lot of fast, promising, and spectacular slimming programs out there. But you should forget that you could achieve greater weight loss in less than a week or two. Any such promise that ignores the correlation between mental life- nutrition- exercises and lifestyle will have a devastating effect later.

If something has developed over a long period of time, it cannot be repaired overnight. Physical and emotional health, harmony is the key in this case. If it fails, you will lose a lot of weight or very quickly in vain, but it can lead to unpleasant side effects or even more relapse in overweight.

Weight loss and body type – Which body type are you?

We differentiate three classic body types and a forth one which is often forgotten in most listing.

Ectomorph type:

Rangy, thin, with long limbs. Narrower hips and shoulders, the bone and muscle mass are also lower. Smaller joints, thin wrists and ankles, flat stomach, narrow, sometimes sunken chest. It has elongated, fibrous muscles that are difficult to build.

The metabolism is fast; the body stores less fat and it can be difficult to gain weight. It is fast, easy to move, if the person is too rangy the move can look clumsy. Usually this type is restless, keeps moving around.

Pyknic type (endomorphic):

Thick, broad-boned, usually with shorter limbs. Heavy, but soft, rounded muscles, broad hips, thick joints. Typical features could also be: short neck, round shoulders, larger head, larger chest and belly.

The metabolism is slower; the body stores more fat and is therefore more susceptible to weight gain. The pykniker is slower, moves more sluggishly and begins to wheeze faster. This type can build his or her muscles faster, but is difficult to shape and smooth it. Pyknikers are usually comfortable, relaxed and like to talk a lot.

Athletic (mesomorphic) type: Ideal and well-proportioned body, narrow hips, broad shoulders. Strong bones, firm stomach. Thin joints, muscular shape, suitable for most athletic movements.

The metabolism is perfect, he or she develops easily, builds muscles quickly, he or she is also capable of fast and strong physical exercise. Most are more confident and brave than the other types.

Average type

Provides a transition between ectomorph and endomorph. Moderately developed, medium size, neither fat nor thin. It has a moderate metabolic rate, although it has a decent body, it is not so proportional compared to the athletic type. This type is well-formed, but cannot develop so quickly.

Use these information to determine your body type. If someone wants to lose weight or should lose weight because s/he is overweight, that person usually belongs to the pyknik type.

The average and athletic people can also belong there if he or she becomes too comfortable. Otherwise, for the latter is the easiest to lose weight

Emotional causes of obesity and overweight and the solution

Although there may be hormonal causes or metabolic problems behind obesity, because everything is interconnected, psychological factors also play a role in these cases. Occasionally, a major loss or emotional shock can lead to obesity too. An overweight person longs for peace, so he or she experiences the power of weight.

A person who is obese does not think that his or her lifestyle is right or what s/he does is right.  This person probably knows what to do, but s/he exchanges his/her mental and emotional experiences for food. S/he hands over his mental and spiritual goals – even his thoughts – to the pleasure of eating. S/he is afraid that there is not going to be enough of something so s/he overeats. The emotional and financial insecurity makes him/her to collect and own many things.

Overweight is also associated with the desire for security. If someone loses his/her self-confidence, belief in him/herself because of something, this person often finds his/her escape in food or just „to put on some kilos”. Self-esteem and self-love have an impact on body weight.

The roll of flat is a kind of unconscious insulation against the outside world.

The individual protects himself from unpleasant situations and emotional injuries and does not let himself feel certain emotions. But we have already mentioned all of these at the emotional causes of digestive problems.

Food can be a kind of emotional supplement to compensate for the lack of experience.

In extreme cases, self-denial and self-loathing increase, which only worsens the situation.

Overweight people find it difficult to find their place in the world and compensate for this by subconsciously increasing their body volume.

But being contrary to the world and to certain situations can also be in the background. Obstinacy, when the person holds on certain emotions can be in the background too.

Overweight people have limited ideas in regard what they want to achieve or could achieve. Lack of inner abundance and satisfaction can show itself in portliness.

The overweight person desires to attentiveness, to be recognized and to be loved and if s/he can’t these things, s/he will award him/herself with food in order to get rid of saddness and sorrow.

In this way, the missing needs and feelings will be filled and at the same time s/he provides for him/herself peace with his/her increasing body volume. The things s/he couldn’t experience in emotional and mind level, its effect will be shown in excessive fat.

Solving the emotional reasons

It is important that you learn to accept yourself and find your own inner values. Express your feelings in your self-expression, believe in the many possibilities in your life. Your positive attitude towards yourself and others helps you to get rid of your excess kilograms/pounds. You have to expand in a different way.

Instead of increasing your body volume, you have to increase the impact on your life, become aware of your strength to emphasize your own meaning. Accept the place that belongs to you, open your mind, be ready for the full experiences, the true fulfillment. You have to increase your inner willpower.

It is the key to accept yourself with your overweight now. This is the starting point from there you can go anywhere. Instead of eating, find beauty, enjoy in human relationships, creation, play, or other creative ways. Maintain your meal habits. Do not eat irregularly or between meals.

Keep your decency, learn to say no, and don’t be afraid of being hurt because you’re too worried. Set goals, plan steps until you reach them. As a reward, think of something interesting, like traveling or something else that has nothing to do with food and is still fun. Increasing the range of your spiritual experiences instead of gaining pounds is so important to you that you will achieve what you plan. Create your own security, first in the soul, then in the material, in the deeds.

Weight Loss Tips – Diet

It doesn’t matter how much you eat – although it also matters in some way – it matters what you eat, when and how you eat. The subject of weight loss and nutrition itself is so extensive that you could write a separate book about it, but here we try to get to the bottom of things. While many weight loss methods are based solely on diet and nutrition, you know from this article that this only works if the other areas match.

Your body type influences your diet. If you are a Pykniker body type, you should take special care to avoid foods that contain too much sugar or fat. At the same time, however, you should also avoid foods rich in carbohydrates.

If you are an athlete type, it is also better to avoid lots of sugar and fat, although you are less prone to obesity. However, many delicacies, sweets and even alcohol can negatively affect this process. The good news is that your athletic body is more elastic and it is much easier to regain your ideal body weight and appearance.

There are some general rules that you should follow.

You should definitely avoid these: white sugar, white flour, carbonated soft drinks, fatty meat. Never eat high-carb and high-protein foods together. In general, the refined carbohydrates and fast foods should be avoided, not only for weight loss, but also for overall health.

Recommended: plant-based foods of natural origin are nutrient-rich and low in calories. Since they mostly consist of water, you can eat a lot more of them without the risk of becoming obese. These keep blood sugar levels low, preventing the development of various cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. The consumption of plant foods rich in polyphenols and fiber contributes to the health of the gut flora, which is crucial for good mental health.

Another reason why a plant-based diet is beneficial is that it significantly improves well-being. Your mood will improve, your inhibitions will decrease and – this is still icing on the cake – it will also reduce the feeling of hunger. Some experiments have shown that dried fruits reduce the “tendency” to gain weight.

One of the advantages of omega-3 fatty acids is that they speed up your metabolism. It is particularly useful with regular physical exercise because it helps you lose body fat without affecting muscle building. It also has a good effect on the functioning of the hormonal system, see the article about omega-3 fatty acids. On a side note, most dairy products are not good for losing weight and have other problems, but talking about them would go too far here. All of the artificial things that are full of additives, refined things and in general the “western type of diet” tend to support obesity. Japanese cuisine, Paleolithic diets, vegetarian and keto diets are healthier and help you lose weight and prevent obesity.

But how and when should you eat?

Eating should always be slow, avoid eating quickly, chew well and breathe evenly while you are eating. Generally, fruits are better in the first half of the day and vegetables in the second half of the day. How often you eat depends on your personality.

There are several types of advice, but it is better to eat less several times during the day than just eating once or twice a day because it is then difficult to resist eating. Have a light dinner early and in the evening eat nothing but pure liquid. It is also best to drink spring water, pure mineral water or 100% fruit juice during the day.

Weight Loss Tips- Physical exercise, how and what sport to do

Regular exercise is one of the most effective ways to lose weight, but you need to take into account the method, quanity, body type, and age.You can also do sports at the age of 100 but you always have to know what your health allows. If nothing else works, you can still go for a walk/ jogging. You shouldn’t make the mistake of never having to go through a drastic weight loss program overnight. Graduality, regularity is essential, and it should also be fun. If you only do it by force, you can be sure that you will stop and the weight loss will not be visible or you will gain back weight quickly.

Basically – if you have no special needs or don’t want to spend money on it, running, walking, cycling, swimming is good enough and in the case of bad weather you can do gymnastics in the apartment. But only gradually and only that much that will make you feel good and won’t make you lose your motivation.Another option is to go to gym and / or exercise with gym equipment. Find out which program is best suited for your type, or get in touch with a trainer.

Aerobics is suitable for the Pykniker type. Aerobic exercises – as its name suggests – require more oxygen, i.e. Exercises and movements that involve light or fast movements without requiring great effort. For example, weight lifting is anaerobic, running and cycling are aerobic. Trendy cardio training is nowadays a more intensive form of aerobic training, which strongly promotes fat loss. It is very effective when done on an empty stomach. It could happen that the same workout is only aerob for a person while it is cardio training for an other person. So don’t overdo it, regularity is important, at least 3-4 times a week.

What can be a problem for the athlete type is too much self-confidence. They know that their bodies respond quickly to everything, so they don’t worry too much when they lose their shape.

If an athlete gets lazy, it can also lead to considerable weight gain. Suddenly s/he realizes that it is not so easy to regain his/her body weight. The solution is if s/he doesn’t stop! That means that the regular physical exercise should always be part of his/her life.

Do some exercises at every times of the day!

The worst thing to do is sitting long hours in one place or laying in bed.

A training session isn’t woth much if you don’t move at all for the rest of the day.

Massage and stretching exercises can help a lot too besides exercises.

10 successful tips for losing weight

1. Determine which body type you belong to and choose your exercise and nutrition plan accordingly!

2. Set goals and plan, implement them, give yourself a reward that is not food.

3. Get to know yourself, develop your self-confidence constantly, find security in your abilities and find harmony in your soul!

4. If you accept yourself and go forward on your own way, there is nothing (nobody) to protect yourself from.You can look everyone in the eye, be open and sociable!

5. Do not try to force anything. Let things happen and create themselves.You have to work on yourself, Let go of the past, the uncomfortable feelings. Be yourself so others will recognize you.

6. Avoid white sugar, white flour, foods and liquids with a high sugar content including refined carbohydrates and fast food.

7. Eat more natural plant based foods, especially vegetables and fruits.

8. Choose forms of exercises or sports that not only help you but are also fun amd make you happy. Start them gradually and do them on a regular basis.

9. Do aerobic exercises. Do not sit or lie for hours. Move during every times of the day.

10. Find an activity that has more joy than eating and gain experience in it.

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