I'm Hajnalka Bencze
a certified naturalist

I have been dealing with the healing trends of Eastern culture for more than 12 years, including Image medicine.

Bencze Hajnalka Természetgyógyász - Zinino

I have always been interested in Chinese methods, that is why I chose to tend towards this subject and to study these methods in recent years. I attended several months of  healing courses  in Kundawell Medical Research Institute in Beijing between 2016-2019, where I graduated as a certificated image medicine-therapist. The Institute provides training programs, preventive medical courses and health-promoting courses and rehabilitation.

Experts of the Kundawell Institute integrate the best methods of the treatment which includes diagnostic and preventive methods, from both ancient and modern medical science.

Ever since I was a teenager, I have been very curious about the topic, why there is so many diseases. how a symptom is developed in the body, and I also read and studied a lot of books about health protection in my younger years.

I was 28 years old when I found the qigong (chi kung) system which is an Eastrern self-improvement and health protection method. At the beggining, when I was doing these exercises regularly, I came to realize and felt on myself that the energy which I gain from these exercises, maked me filled up and harmonized my body.

My philosophy has always been that prevention is the most imporant thing in one’s life and everyone finds its way differently. For me, this system has opened many opportunities for my health and abilities. Over time, it became clear to me that it is not only good for myself but for others as well.

This is how I set out to help others, which I consider to be my vocation and a true service to the people. In my journey so far, I have experienced many beautiful things in the people and through the people that came to me for help because each personal meeting has a special meaning.

The symptom which warns in our body is for ourselves in order to remind us that we have forgotten about ourselves. Take it seriously and start to take action before you would start to feel anything.

Image medicine can be exetremly effective  in helping with a variety of diseases, including most types of chronic illnesses because we can simultaneously harmonize the bad balance in the body on different levels. These levels are: physical, energetic and information.

In this triad, it is important to provide the sufficient support to the physical body at the cellural level, which is essential with externally foods and herbs.

In this case, the proper nutrient intake can help the body in a balanced way at the physical level too.

I’ve searched for the ideal nutrient for a long time that can support the immune system at the cellural level with as many problems as possible. Zinzino products use the recent results of applied nutrition science in order to restore the balance in our body,

The Zinzino product line affects the condition of the cells profoundly, as it has been proven to eliminate chronic inflammation in the body that has been there for decades.