Emotinal causes of inflammation

Before we would go into details about the emotional causes of inflammation, let’s just go back to the beginning. What is inflammation? Fire comes to most of our minds, something is burning, something is on fire, something has been inflamed. Basically, the fire element will form itself as a negative power in this case. The name is felicitous too because most of the inflammations are related to some kind of inner warmth, hotness.

There are various types of inflammation in human body, but mostly they are a response of human organism (more specifically the immune sysytem) to some negative external factors, e.g. infection. It is natural and beneficial because its purpose to stop the root of the problem.If it happens -for example in the case of a small injury- there is no problem, everything has been done properly.

But what in the case of an extensive infection or if the infection does not disappear? What if it recrudesces or becomes chronic? That’s when people (at least some) start to think: what causes this? The drugs may treat the symptomps, the pain -it means they turn off the indicators of human body- but they don’t stop the real cause.

Many physical and lifestyle reasons may play a role in it but now we are searching for the emotional causes. In fact, they all relate to each other, so the emotional reason, the lifestyle, the nutrition, the exercise have a role in developing and stopping the inflammation. The reason of inflammation is accumulated energy. We can find out the emotional reason regarding the organ inflamed.

It is worth knowing that  most diseases are accompanied by inflammation. So, analyzing together with that disease, we can determinate the emotinal reasons behind it. The possible causes can be several things from guilty conscience to deprivation, anything that is burning inside of ourselves.

Emotional causes of inflammation

The emotional cause of inflammation is always something negative feeling connected to a certain area of life and thereby to a particular organ (organs). The fury, the anger and wrath and even accumulated worries and fears play a role in maintaining this condition.

If the individual can’t solve something that causes continuous stress, inner frustration in his/her life that can lead to disappointment and anger. If s/he can’t let go of it or change the situation, it will form itself as a chronic inflammation in the body.

Those people who tend to focus on negative things, pay attention to bad things and are too self-critical, are more likely to suffer from inflammation that can „punish” them even for decades. The inflammation happening in our body makes us to focus on something that we don’t pay attention to and the pain makes us to solve it.

If we don’t do anything or don’t understand the message, the inflammation becomes chronic. Then, why is that, inflammation sometimes disappears? Probably, in those cases we solved the problem spontaneously or that certain area of our lives worked out and therefore all the energy that was connected to it changed as well.

The chronic inflammation is a warning cry from our body to change ourselves. If somebody resist adamantly, it can even lead to „incurable” diseases, but fortunately this happens very rarely.

Inflammation is also the expression of a “flare” in a person when someone almost breaks out in anger to get rid of an inner conflict. The inflammation, along with the infection, has succumbed to physical conflict. If we refrain from doing this on a psychological level, do not face it, it will appear in the body.

Indirectly, if someone does not “explode” on a psychological level, that is, to suppress or not to deal with the problem that leads to inner unrest, the body has no other choice. When we rebel against something but don’t dare to do it, our body rebels instead of us.

On the other hand, there can be a feeling of guilt behind the long-term chronic inflammation. If we feel that we have not done or failed to do something or did not take a stand for something and do not process it, it is stored in our cells.

The emotional solution for inflammation

The solution is to finally express what we feel, face the problem, take up the challange and move on. The basic thing is to focus on the postive but at the same time, it is needed to have at least one main goal that we can put energy in so it will not turn in to inflammation.

We have to perceive the light besides the shadows. Perceiving the peace and tranquility will harmonize the body as well. We have to accept ourselves and the current situation and instead of being angry all the time and keep seeing the problem in everything, we have to honestly undertake what there is.

We are nothing less valuable just because we have a problem or cannot solve it. If we cannot face this, we must seek help, but we should not allow the whole process to lead to a chronic, long-term illness.

When the body accumulates energy and creates a “fiery” state, we have to act on the specific area of our life. Indecisiveness promotes inflammatory processes, so we always have to determine our goals and the direction in which we are moving.

If we do not accept the challenges, the development, the positive excitement of life becomes negative and tense. In this way we reduce the living situation to a physical level and extend its dissolution. Let us recognize and process oppression, resistance to avoid physical and mental problems.

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